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10 Most Beautiful Female Soccer Presenters of All Time

There are a lot of women who have gotten worldwide fame for being successful presenters. In this list, we will particularly talk about 10 most beautiful female soccer presenters of all time. I am sure you already know much of these ladies if you are a football fan. So, let us not waste any more time and start checking the list.

10. Kate Abdo

Kate Abdo is well known journalist and soccer presenter from England. She has been working for Sky Sports News in Germany. Kate Abdo’s services at Sky Sports Germany are also appreciated. As per the information, she is now the host of Sky Sports News in UK. She is a superbly talented lady with sexy and hot personality. Kate also served CNN, and German sports channel DW-TV.

Most Beautiful Female Soccer Presenters
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9. Anna Kraft

Anna Kraft is a beautiful sports journalist from Germany. She has been a successful model, but the attraction of media urged Anna to become a soccer presented. She has worked for the Eintracht Frankfurt press team, and the Sky Sports News program. Then she joined Sport1 as the host of Sport1’s “Bundesliga aktuell” show.

Most Beautiful Female Soccer Presenters

8. Lauro Esposto

Laura Esposto is another television babe with extreme beauty and much success. She has been one of the most famous and successful soccer presenters, who worked for Five Football Italiano, Sky Sports and the Milan channel.

Most Beautiful Female Soccer Presenters
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7. Sara Carbonero

Sara Carbonero Arévalo is a talented lady from Spain. This sexy beauty has been a hard working and prominent presenter of Telecinco and is one of the finest sports journalists. Sara was given the name of sexiest reporter in the world in 2009-10.

Most Beautiful Female Soccer Presenters

6. Georgie Thompson

Georgie Thompson is another talented, hard working, and sexy soccer presenter. This lady has served Sky Sports as football presenter, but now she is working with Formula 1 team.

Most Beautiful Female Soccer Presenters

5. Pamela David

Pamela David is a former model, actress and soccer presenter. She was born in Argentina, and is best known for her skills as a presented of BBC’s Match of the Day show.

Pamela David

4. Ilaria D’Amico

Ilaria D’Amico is one of the finest commentators and television hosts of Italy. She is well known for her amazing personality and charming beauty. She has been the face of Italy’s coverage of World Cups and European Championships.

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Most Beautiful Female Soccer Presenters

3. Charlotte Jackson

Charlotte Jackson is another England’s well versed journalist. She is currently working with Sky Sports News. Before that, Charlotte worked for Setanta Sports News. She has been a talented and successful author of various sports-related articles and online journals.

Charlotte Jackson

2. Hayley McQueen

Hayley McQueen is the third England beauty in our list. She is the anchor of Sky Sports News, and one of the presenters of Sky Sports Champions League as well as other Sky Sports football events.

Most Beautiful Female Soccer Presenters

1. Mirella Grisales

Mirella Grisales is the top notch soccer presenter of the era. This hot lady has hosted the Telemundo Sports/ NBC Universal. She has been presenting football weekly in Columbia. She is presenting the Colombian coverage of American football.

Mirella Grisales

Who you think is the finest football presenter? Have you ever seen their shows?