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10 Best Fitness Accessories You Need To Get

Working out doesn’t need to be work. Read this for the 10 best fitness accessories that will make your next workout a breeze!

73% of people who resolve to start working out, stop. The reasons vary: lack of time, cannot keep up, or it’s just too hard.

If you’re not one of those people and you’re dedicated to working out, you may be in the market for some fitness accessories to help you keep your resolution!

Working out is hard enough, but the best fitness accessories make it easier. Here’s some that you might consider taking on your next trip to the gym.

10 of The Best Fitness Accessories You Can Buy

Whether you’re hitting the gym for weight loss or toning, the gym accessories you choose should always enhance your performance. Before you buy any accessories, think about how this will negatively or positively impact your workout and how you will use it.

Ready to get your sweat on? Grab these gym accessories before you head out the door for the maximum exercise routine.

  1. Yoga Mat With Strap

The benefits of yoga are amazing but carrying that yoga mat might make you feel awkward. They’re long and could unfurl, leaving you struggling to roll it up again. A strap keeps it contained, and being able to throw it over your shoulder allows for easy transport.

If you’re an intense yogi, consider using a yoga bag. Bags keep your mat protected completely, and some have inside pockets or extra room for other yoga accessories such as blocks, straps, or towels. You can find them in a variety of different styles, colors, and prints.

  1. Headband

Not a headband from your 2nd-grade school pictures, but one that absorbs the sweat that drips from your face. Nothing breaks being in the zone more than grabbing a towel to wipe away beads of sweat. With a headband, you can forget about sweat or even stray hairs and focus on your workout.

  1. Bottle

A water bottle is essential to your exercise routine. Staying hydrated with water or another drink that offers electrolytes, keep your body in check. Plus, a reusable water bottle is healthy for the environment.

A blender bottle is also recommended to keep your protein powder in. Protein power is important as well for a recovery drink. Most bottles have a separate space to store your powder away from liquid. Having this packed and ready to go to your gym bag is easy and convenient.

  1. Compression Sleeve

If you want a faster recovery from your workout, compression sleeves will do the trick. Compression sleeves encourage blood flow to the heart which aids in healing. They can also help relieve pain, improve performance, and protect your skin.

Compression sleeves can be worn on the calves or arms.

  1. Socks

Avoid smelly gym feet with the right pair of socks. Of course, socks are a given when you’re working out, but your feet take a hit during this time, and you want to treat them well.

Choose a pair that is designed for working out with features like moisture wicking, extra padding to protect from blisters, and extra cushion to give added support.

  1. Pain-Relief Ointment

Sore muscles are a reality during a workout session. Being sore is actually from muscle damage, and it’s not uncommon to feel sore for a few days after working out. Give your muscles a little TLC with a pain-relief ointment.

While taking an OTC medication is ok, if you’re using it every day it could cause damage to your liver, kidneys, and intestines or promote stroke or heart attacks in the long run. An ointment topically applied to the sore area is a much healthier choice.

  1. Towel

When people think of yoga or Pilates, sweating profusely doesn’t come to mind. But seasoned yogis understand that during a strenuous yoga or Pilates class, having a towel is a must.

Laying a towel on your mat keeps your mat clear of sweat and provides a non-slip surface during your practice. When sweat collects on your mat, it’s a breeding ground for bacteria and odors. Yoga-mat towels are even available so you’re not using both a towel and a mat.

  1. Smartphone Holder

The days of listening to your walkman to workout are long gone. Smartphones provide entertainment, but holding them while you run or bike isn’t very smart.

As smartphone holder that attaches to your body (there are ones for arms or waist), keeps your phone protected and close. These are usually covered with a plastic coating so you can still access your favorite tunes, podcasts, or videos. Pair this with wireless, sweat-proof headphones for the ultimate hands-free workout.

  1. Anti-Chafe Gel

When you’re completely zoned in on your workout, you’re probably not thinking about how your skin is doing. But you should be!

Applying anti-chafe gel prevents blisters or rough skin where clothes rub up against the skin and cause discomfort. Most gels you can apply anywhere – arms, feet, neck, or anywhere that needs extra lubrication.

  1. Power-Lifting Gloves

If you’re a heavy lifter, chances are your hands take a hard hit. And spending money on blister treatments can be costly.

Getting a pair of gloves not only takes the stress off your hands but improves your grip and performance. They also lessen friction between your hands and the bar.

Fitness Accessories: Which Ones Are Right For You?

Choosing the right fitness accessories is critical for a stellar workout. It’s not necessary to blow your budget on the most expensive equipment. The best fitness accessories will improve your session and give you the results you want.

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