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Who Are 10 Extremely Sexy Female Race Car Drivers Ever

It is not too tough to name the hot and sexy ladies because the film and fashion industries are loaded with so many of them. But when it comes to name the sexy and successful female car drivers, we have to choose the ones who are globally recognized. Who are 10 extremely sexy female sports car drivers ever? To know the answer, you should check the list below.

10. Maryeve Dufault

Maryeve Dufault was given the title of ‘Miss Hawaiian Tropic International’ in 2000. This lady is the first to be given this title from Canada. As a race car driver, Maryeve is featured on several sports magazines. She has been the famous fashion models as well. She took 16th position in the 2011 ARCA series.

Maryeve Dufault

9. Leilani Munter

Leilani Munter is a successful and hot female car drive from USA. She has always been a passionate lady. It is not only because of her good look, but also because of her professional car driving skills that made Leilani won various titles. She is a prominent driver of the ARCA series.

Sexy Female Race Car Drivers

8. Courtney Force

Courtney Force is one of the youngest professional female race car drivers. She is the sister of former driver Ashley Force Hood. Courtney has always given best performance, following the footsteps of her sister and father, John Force. Courtney is the first female driver who qualified for a major event of 2013.

Sexy Female Race Car Drivers

7. Cyndie Allemann

This 26 year old female is the daughter of former Swiss karting champion Kurt Allemann. Her sister, Ken Allemann, has also been a race car driver. Cyndie has participated in the Firestone Indy Lights series, 2008. She gave a tough competition to other females in the Super GT series, held in 2012.

Sexy Female Race Car Drivers

6. Madalena Antas

Madalena Antas is from Portugal. She moved to America to initiate her career as a model, but she luckily became a race car driver. She is a gorgeous, talented, and a hot woman. She seems to be always enjoying her game, and is known for her high level jumping trucks at 120 mph.

Madalena Antas

5. Milka Duno

Milka Duno cannot be called a fast car driver, but she is truly one of the best. Her smart performance in various racing series since 1998 has always been appreciated by worldwide fans. Milka is a hot and sexy Venezuelan beauty, known for her gorgeous smile and impressive personality.

Milka Duno

4. Ashley Force Hood

Ashley Force Hood is another famous sports car driver of all time. She has managed to win many titles, and bagged several trophies. She is the daughter of a legendary drag racer, John Force. Ashley is not only successful but also extremely sexy, who blasts down the tarmac at 250 mph.

Sexy Female Race Car Drivers

3. Susie Wolff

Susie Wolff is from Scotland. After completing her education, she started her career as a racing car driver. This hot lady has given tough competition to the rivals in the Formula Renault, Formula Three, and DTM series. Susie is now an operational manager of a Formula One team, partially owned by herself and her husband.

Susie Wolff

2. Shannon McIntosh

It is not hard to believe that Shannon McIntosh is such a superb performer. This 26 year old female has dedicated herself to get a prominent place as a car driver. She started her career with Cape Motorsports in 2011. In 2012, McIntosh competed for the US F2000 National Championship. She got 18th position.

Shannon McIntosh

1. Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick is one more successful, sexy, and talented sports car driver. She has been known for her open-wheel racing skills. Danica has bagged many titles, and scored dozens of endorsements deals. Her good lucks plus dedication towards the profession have been the reasons for her success. She is only 30 years old.

Danica Patrick

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