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10 Largest Ski Resorts in Norway

Are you confused about which ski resort would be the best? If it is so, then let me tell you that there are thousands of marvelous and huge ski resorts worldwide. Those who love to go to mountainous areas give high preference to go to the tops of mountains for enjoying the beauty of surrounding lands. For the Norway visitors, here are 10 largest ski resorts in Norway. I am sure you would be clear of the fact that these are not only large but also very captivating.

10. Hafjell/Kvitfjell

Yes, this is the same ski resort were the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics were held. It is situated about 15 km from Lillehammer. The environment here is very cool. You can take the gondola to go to the topper place. The resort is having approximately 40 km of slopes with 30 runs. This is one of the most marvelous ski resorts not only in Norway but also the world over. You will find lots of interesting activities here.

Largest Ski Resorts in Norway

9. Geilo

Geilo is one of the oldest and hugest ski resorts of Norway. It is having around 40 slopes and a total of four terrain parks. It offers world class experience and has friendly atmosphere to make you feel excited.

Largest Ski Resorts in Norway

8. Trysil

Trysil is another large and fun-filled ski resort of Norway. It is having around 40 lifts and more than 60 km of runs that connect the three sides of the mountain with an alpine. This is a place not to be missed for fun and adventure lovers.

Largest Ski Resorts in Norway

7. Hemsedal

Hemsedal is a very beautiful and attractive ski resort of Norway. It is known to be a versatile tourist attraction having over 20 lifts, more than 50 slopes and bundle of enjoyable activities for visitors of all age groups.

Largest Ski Resorts in Norway

6. Norefjell

Norefjell runs vertically and is known for its beautiful and charming location. It is about 100 km from Oslo, and is a popular point of Norway. This was a favorite site for the alpine skiing events during 1952 Oslo Olympics.

Largest Ski Resorts in Norway

5. Rauland

The three resorts in Rauland have been connected to each other through a free ski bus and this is one of the major attractions of this ski resort. This is a worth checking place with lots of activities any of the adventure lover would never love to miss. Are you one of them?

Largest Ski Resorts in Norway

4. Kongsberg

Kongsberg is about two hours drive away from Oslo. This is a modern ski resort with a mix of activities and interesting challenges for the visitors. Here the slopes look very dangerous but are actually not until you take care of yourself and remember the precautions.

Largest Ski Resorts in Norway

3. Oslo Winter Park

Oslo Winter Park is a somewhat small yet highly appealing ski resort. It is situated about half an hour from Oslo city centre. The World Snowboarding Championships were held here in February 2012. This is what makes this ski resort a popular attraction of Norway.

Largest Ski Resorts in Norway

2. Hovden

Hovden is another large and very popular ski resort of Norway. It is situated in the southern Norway of Setesdal Valley. It has over 30 slopes, around 10 lifts and is spread in an area of 40 km approximately. This is a must to see tourist point.

Largest Ski Resorts in Norway

1. Myrkdalen

Situated 25 km from Voss, Myrkdalen is a highly appealing and attractive ski resort with bundles of activities for your kids and adults. It is ideal to visit in winters, summers, and any other season. Here you would have no short of interesting activities, and can learn how to enjoy the utmost beauty of nature from the closest. Have you ever visited this spot?

Largest Ski Resorts in Norway

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