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10 Motivation Tips for College Students

We get it. College is no joke! Those all-nighters and caffeine overdoses are sure to wear anyone out, so keeping yourself motivated can be quite a challenge! Plus there are so many distractions. The hangouts and the game nights. Don’t worry. We have your covered

Motivation Tips for College Students

We have highlighted our favorite tips below to keep the average college student at the top of their game!

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Set Goals

It’s important to set goals that aren’t too hard to achieve and are realistic. Start small and build your way up from there. Start going to your 8am lecture every Wednesday, for example, instead of choosing to sleep in.

It’s also a good idea to have a large goal written down somewhere too.  Do it beautifully. Ask your artistic friend to design it for you. Frame it. Make it your motto.

Remind yourself of what you’re ultimately trying to achieve in the end. Sometimes, with all the stress surrounding university, students tend to forget what they are studying so much for in the first place.

Tell Others of Your Plans

It would also be a good idea to tell a close friend or a family member of your plans. By knowing that there is someone else out there rooting for you, there is a greater chance for you to succeed in what you are trying to accomplish.

Get them to remind you of your plans when you stray. Choose a friend with similar goals to keep you on the path to motivation.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others!

Everyone learns at a different pace. Everyone absorbs information differently. So, comparing yourself to a friend who just picks up calculus a lot faster, or to someone else who has a knack for writing is you not being fair to yourself!

Comparison to others will only demotivate you over time. Try to remember what you’re good at and appreciate your accomplishments once in a while. You deserve it!

Stop Fearing Failure!

Failures are the ladder to success. It’s unreasonable to expect to be good at every single class, and failing a test once in a while, or not doing too well on an assignment is not the end of the world!

After all, one can’t appreciate success without failing once in a while. And when you fall, figure out what you learned from your mistake. Overcome and move on.

Do The Hardest Task First

Having a whole bunch of tasks can be pretty overwhelming. Although you may be tempted to start with the easiest one, starting with the hardest task.

Successfully finishing it would give you a sense of accomplishment. This will help keep you motivated and on the right track! Keep the simple tasks for the time when you are riding on the energy of finishing the hard tasks.

Refinance your Student Loans

Student loans can be pretty scary. With every passing year in college, you’re probably reminded of all the student loans looming over your head.

Refinancing your loans might give you a bit of peace though, and LendKey helps do just that. It’s definitely worth looking into if the mere thought of your student loan gives you an impending sense of doom.

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

College is a time of experimentation while you’re still in a safe environment. Why not take advantage of it?

Do something that you’d never imagine yourself doing. Sing a song alone at a karaoke bar! Go skydiving! Learn to drive a stick shift car! Edging out of your comfort zone will mix things up a bit if you have a monotonous routine.

Doing something out of the ordinary will give you an adrenaline rush. It’s a great confidence booster. Try it today.

Re-Do Your Dorm Room

Redoing your dorm room, or your apartment, and making it a comfortable space for you to relax in is pretty necessary to keep the average student sane!

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It’s important to have a space that you can call your own. Redecorating your room can help do just that! Put up some motivational quotes on a pinboard. Hang up some fairy lights. Turn it into your safe haven. Make your room unapologetically you!

Think Positive

As cliché as this sounds, having a positive mindset is crucial to achieving your goals and keeping yourself motivated throughout the semester. Besides, no one wants to hang out with someone who is always a downer.


Taking care of your health and well being is essential to feeling happy and positive and will definitely go a long way in helping you achieve your goals. Try going to the gym more often, or perhaps try to dress well before going to class to give yourself a boost of confidence!

We love these motivational tips will keep you on the track through your college years, and even hopefully later on in life.