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10 Tips for Your Next Party Decorating

Is there a special occasion or a party coming up soon? You don’t have to spend a lot and you don’t need to hire a decorator to get the party preparations started. You can host a party or an event with all the works, even on short notice, with these 10 easy party decorating tips.

Party Decorating Tips

1. Create the mood with lighting & sound system

Lighting does not just brighten up any room but will also get your guests in the part mood. Instead of regular lights, switch to Christmas lights in colors that match your color scheme. Gather old Christmas lights and place them in transparent glass containers, hang these along the walls, staircases and bookcases or string them to make a pattern. Instead of electric lights, you may also use candles in different sizes (tall candles, tea light candles, etc.) and place these in different areas of the room or party venue.

Lighting & quality sound system

A perfect party can’t happen without a quality sound system. And dancing water speakers is also a best item for party decorating as well. These are speakers with decorative jets of water that dance to the tune of music; you can use this to captivate your guests and entertain them with cool water and light effects.

Foam Fountain + Water Show Speakers (Tristam and Braken – Flight)

2. Use a color scheme and brighten up your venue

One of the easiest ways to decorate is to follow a color scheme. Take inspiration and color ideas from the party theme. The season usually dictates party color schemes as fun vibrant colors are for summer, brownish, dark green and reddish hues for autumn, silver and white hues for winter and fresh and cool colors for spring. The party celebrant may offer a few suggestions while you may also take inspiration from the party theme.

Painting your walls could be too much so try to create harmony by adding a touch of color using matching accessories like pillow cases, window treatments, lamps, seat covers, table cloths and blankets.

Rainbow Color Scheme
Rainbow Color Scheme – Image Credit

3. Tackle the party table

Possibly the highlight of any party is the party table where refreshments are to be set and served. Make the table festive by matching the color scheme. For instance, a women’s party will possibly have either a red or pink color scheme. Adding themed glass holders, napkins, placemats, a flower centerpiece or a table cloth can make a lot of difference instead of using regular table wear and décor. Place the table close to a wall so you can extend your table decorations easily. Use this wall to place the celebrant’s name or the name of the event and again extend your color and decorating scheme to this wall.

Party table

4. Let Mother Nature help you out and let the outdoors in

How about a spring theme, a Hawaiian theme or a summer fun theme for a party? Bring in fresh plants from the garden and place these in decorative jars, pots and cans. Hang plants indoors, along entry ways, on a wreath or simply use fresh cut flowers in a vase om top of your party table, on your mantle or on a small table along the entryway, Plants and flowers will brighten any room and make it more festive as long as you use flowers and plants that match your decorating and color scheme.

Hawaiian theme party

5. Use paper lanterns

Chinese paper lanterns are festive, colorful and can be used in different events to decorate a party venue. Paper lanterns can be used indoors and outdoors and are available in crafts stores and decorating stores. All you need to do is to open it and hang it; your party venue will look festive in no time.

Paper lantern for party

6. Patio party fun anyone?

Instead of holding your party inside, why not celebrate and have fun outside? If the weather permits, you can have a patio party or a garden party. Bring out the barbecue grill, change your patio seat covers and bring out the lights for your event. Go for a colorful Hawaiian theme, a festive African theme or a unique Baywatch theme instead? You will surely have a fun and memorable party event with these fun and crazy idea.

Fun Patio Party

7. A summer poolside party

If you are blessed with a pool then you got a great venue for your party but if you don’t you can still have a fun water-themed party with an inflatable pool and a hose. You can go all out and let your guests wear their best summer-themed costumes, use lounge chairs, place mini umbrellas in your drinks and so on. This idea beats decorating indoors any day.

Fun pool party

8. Balloons are not just for kids

Ever heard of balloon art? There are many videos online that can teach you how to make balloons of different shapes. You can create different shapes, figures, souvenirs and more with balloons of different sizes and shapes. Choose colors that match your color scheme to be in the festive mood. Use a balloon centerpiece to take your guests by surprise as they approach the party table. You can also combine balloons with different colors to create a twisted entry way or a colorful walkway to greet your guests. The possibilities are endless.

Balloons party

9. Fresh flowers as decoration

As balloons come in different colors, flowers also come in a variety of colors as well. You can create flower garlands, floating flower decorations for your pool, flower centerpieces, entryways, walkways, a flower wall or lovely hanging flower vines. Flower decors are perfect for extra-special events like weddings, sweet sixteen, birthdays, baptisms and more. You may even use matching flower pieces as a souvenir for your guests.

Fresh flowers party

10. Party piñata fun

A piñata always makes parties fun and the best thing about a piñata is you can create any kind or type of piñata design for your party. A piñata is popular in kiddie parties and usually match the birthday theme however it’s not just limited to kiddie fun parties. Adults can also use a piñata as a party favor and hitting it could be the highlight of the event. And with a piñata as your centerpiece, why not have a Mexican party theme complete with sombreros, colorful mini flags, multicolored tableware and more.

Make sure that you plan ahead of time. One thing that makes parties fun and successful is that hosts weeks before the event. Good luck and have lots of fun planning!

Fun party