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10 Types Of People You Will Find on a Bachelor Party Night Out

Having a bachelor party is a rite of passage for many men across the world. A chance to enjoy a big night out with their closest friends before getting married – a truly unforgettable experience. This will be unlike a typical night out on the town. You may find yourself going to venues you wouldn’t normally frequent. You may also find yourself bar hopping in fancy dress, which is sure to make the night a memorable one, judging by the popular costumes listed on the Last Night of Freedom website. But one of the main things that makes this type of event so different is the unique mix of people who attend.

There’s no doubt that bachelor parties are a great way to say goodbye to your buddy’s life as a singleton. They also present an intriguing opportunity to spend time with the groom’s work colleagues, family members or old friends that you wouldn’t usually socialize with. This could be an awesome experience, or it could be strange and uncomfortable – but either way, it will likely be an unforgettable occasion.

Wherever you are going and whoever is coming with you, there are certain types of characters that can be found at every bachelor party:

1. The Strip Club Fan

You said “bachelor party,” all he heard was “strippers!”.  Yep, every bachelor party has one of these – the guy who is utterly obsessed with finding the nearest strip joint, no matter how far away it may be.  Some guys just haven’t evolved past the need to see scantily clad women cavorting around a pole on a big night out, and this one will have a magnetic pull to anywhere trashy.

2. The Guy Who Never Gets Allowed Out To Party

If one of your crew seems a little over enthusiastic about it all, chances are he doesn’t get out much. Knocking back the shots the minute you hit the bar, whooping and cheering at everything that moves and being as about as excited as a small child at Christmas, makes this guy easy to identify from a mile off.

3. The Disappearing Act (Vanisher)

Where do they go, I mean, really?  Everyone has that friend who just disappears at some point in the night.  Has he got lucky with a lady? Is he asleep in the men’s room?  Is he a secret CIA operative who got called away on a mission?  Who knows. One thing is for sure though, this will be the guy who just vanishes, leaving you in turn both annoyed and concerned, as you furiously WhatsApp him to find out where he is at.  Don’t worry though, most vanishers eventually return. Just don’t ask where he was – you may not want to know.

4. The Creep

You’ll be able to spot him from a mile away, by the way his dead eyes are creeping over every girl that walks by.  Keep his hands where you can see them, and monitor his behavior for as long as you can.

5. The Overprotective Friend of the Groom

If you groom develops a shadow during their own bachelor party, you can assume it’s that one guy who has decreed that he will be the self appointed bodyguard for the duration of the proceedings. Is he the bride-to-be’s over protective brother? Maybe.  Does he know that the groom has a history of making drunken mistakes? Possibly.  More likely though, is that he is a just some guy with a superiority complex.  Be polite, but ignore his protestations at all costs.

6. The Lightweight

You know your buddy who just had a baby? Or that guy who rarely has a drink?  They will be your lightweights for the evening. However enthusiastic they may be at the outset, you know that will be asleep before you even hit the club, and taxi bound back the hotel.  Don’t hate on them – not everyone has the stamina you do.

7. The Obligatory Family Member

Dads, uncles and siblings are all invited, regardless of whether they fit in or not.  Take care of these guys, they are really important to the groom.  Find a seat from the older guys, and keep the baby brother away from the booze.  Let them be themselves, and find a way to keep them happy that doesn’t spoil your fun.

8. The Fighter

Some people like to dance when they are drunk. Some like to hit on the ladies. But others, unfortunately, like to roll up their sleeves and get ready to fight! This individual can be a dangerous addition to the pre-wedding fun, and should be watched carefully at all times in order to avoid a night in jail.

9. The Drinking Games Enthusiast

Want to play a drinking game?  Well, even if you don’t, this guy will try and convince you that you do. Spend your night politely turning him down, or just give in to the games and get on with it.

10. The Toaster

Let’s raise a glass – all night, and to every single person we meet. Yep, there is always one guy who wants to toast literally everything. Enjoy his exuberance by all means, but tell him to sit down when you have had enough.

If you can keep the guys together, and avoid anyone getting beaten up, arrested or even worse, then your new buddies could be the making of your bachelor party experience.

Enjoy their company, and if you can’t – remember it’s not all about you this time.