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10 Unusual Living Creatures People Keep as Pets

We usually think that dogs, cats, parrots, and other common birds/animals are kept as pets. But the fact is that there are various curious individuals in the world who love keepings donkeys, geckos or even alligators like creatures at home. It might sound like crazy, but this is actually not. Such people think that the unusual creatures give them much more fun that can not be provided by the common pets. Let us take a look at the list of 10 unusual living creatures people keep as pets.

10. Geckos

If your child is allergic to fur and hairs, then you can keep home a reptile. Geckos are great pets and children would love to spend time with them. But while selecting one, opt for a leopard one as it is not much dangerous and cannot climb walls.

Unusual Living Creatures

9. Hermit Crabs

If you live in a small apartment where the big dogs or cats cannot be adjusted, then you can bring home hermit crabs. These need lesser maintenance and can adjust themselves in little space. Such pets seem unusual but are friendly.

Unusual Living Creatures

8. Potbellied Pigs

For those with big backyard and fewer kids should bring home Potbellied pigs. These are going to be somewhat dirty pets, but are known to be friendly and can keep you busy the whole day.

Unusual Living Creatures

7. Ants

The children with a bent towards scientific things and live creatures, the ant farms are great. It is very easy to construct an ant farm, and need little or no time for maintenance.

Unusual Living Creatures

6. Cottontop Tamarin

Try a monkey if you want an unusual and exotic pet. These are small, cute, and easy to maintain pets. But be assured that you know much of their aggressive behavior pattern before taking a decision.

Unusual Living Creatures

5. Finches

Finches are small and beautiful birds. These are not going to be noisy as your parrots. So, if you love peace and calm environment at home, then finch is an ideal pet for you.

Unusual Living Creatures

4. Sugar Gliders

They are pocket sized marsupials. They are known for their friendly nature, but cannot be toilet trained. You should keep them in proper cages; these pets are naturally nocturnal and make great playmates in the evening.

Unusual Living Creatures

3. Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are nice pets for those who have one or two kids. These creatures are larger than hamsters and furry. You should not at all leave your little kids alone with them, because these can be dangerous.

Unusual Living Creatures

2. Chinchillas

If you live in cold region, then a chinchilla would suit you the most. These are tiny nocturnal animals that will prove to be good friends for you. They have bushy tails and soft fur, and are habitual of moving around. So, you should get them bigger cages.

Unusual Living Creatures

1. Iguanas

For people who love with lizards and reptiles, Iguanas are perfect pets. They remain happy in warm environment. They need free movement all the day, so their cage should be big enough. You should also look after them and provide them regular feed for their survival.

Unusual Living Creatures

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