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10 Video Games That Were Banned for Insanely Absurd Reasons

Censorship is purposed to stop the promotion and spread of materials that contain unwanted or poor contents, such as the adult movies, or games with abused concepts. The following 10 video games that were banned for insanely absurd reasons would make the things clear.

10. KZ Manager

KZ Manager was banned in Germany despite the fact that this game had won the award for the “Most Unnecessary Game of the Year” at the 2001 IGN Awards. The reason of its ban was the user has to play like Nazi concentration camp manager, and it seems impossible for any to manage the teams of Jews or Gypsies.

Video Games That Were Banned

9. Homefront

Homefront has been a South Korean game. Unfortunately, it got banned due to having fiction fights of USA against North Korea. According to sources, such a concept wasn’t user friendly, and the game upset Kim Jong-un who loves his nuclear weapons too much.

Video Games That Were Banned

8. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This game was banned because of having too many violent graphics, drugs, and weapons. Not only the Indonesian authorities took steps to ban it permanently but also the protagonist CJ named to be a bad game.

Video Games That Were Banned

7. Football Manager 2005

The Football Manager 2005 has been a soccer game. If you are surprised of why it got banned then let me tell you that this game was recognized to be focusing much on Tibet as an independent nation even in sporting events. For China, this wasn’t a good impression, so the game was removed by its officials.

Video Games That Were Banned

6. The Darkness

The Xbox 360 version of The Darkness was first banned in Singapore. The reason was said that the game contains violent and meaningless contents. It seems to motivate the children to use weapons to win different tasks, this is why the game got banned.

Video Games That Were Banned

5. Battlefield 4

The Battlefield 4 focused on the Pakistani army and revealed this country as a bad one. This is the reason, the Muslims worldwide weren’t happy at all, and finally it was decided to ban this game on a permanent basis.

Video Games That Were Banned

4. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

The BlazBlue: Continuum Shift has been a fighting game. Just like several other fighting games that promoted violence, this one was banned in USA, UAE, and several other nations. The authorities viewed that the game isn’t children-friendly.

Video Games That Were Banned

3. Saints Row 4

From the Saints Row 4 we learn how incredibly conservative Australia can be when it comes to any video game. This game features a weapon named “alien anal probe”, and this is what became the reason of its ban.

Video Games That Were Banned

2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Technically speaking, this game wasn’t banned but edited to make it user-friendly. It contains the content of Russian army and several fights that were removed for security purposes.

Video Games That Were Banned

1. Command & Conquer: Generals

This has been one of the weirdest games ever. It was banned in China. The officials say that it portrayed the country in a “negative way” which is simply not acceptable.

Video Games That Were Banned

What do you think of this post? Do you believe any other video game is abusive and should not be a part of our lives or online stores? Share your views and spread the voice!