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Best beaches in Barbados

Barbados is a tropical island paradise located in the Southeastern Caribbean Sea, approximately 100 miles east of St. Lucia. A popular destination for cruise ships and land-locked tourists alike, the Caribbean island boasts a rich culture and history along with plenty of thing to keep you busy.

If you are planning a trip to Barbados, going to the beach is probably already on your list of must-do activities. With over 70 miles of sand to explore, Barbados is known for having the most diverse beaches in the Caribbean. So whether you are looking to catch some waves or just want to relax on the sand with a beverage in hand, chances are Barbados has the perfect beach for you. In case you need some recommendations, here are our picks for the top 3 favorite beaches in Barbados.

Bottom Bay

This beach is located in the southeastern most corner of the island in St. Phillip’s Parish and boasts a palm-tree lined, pink sand beach surrounded by rugged cliffs that provide a beautiful view of the Caribbean Ocean and the chance to spot whales and other creatures. This beach has thus far resisted large-scale development although you can find some of the most beautiful beach houses in Barbados here.

It is a bit of a challenge to descend the steps leading to the beach, but once you are at the bottom, a veritable paradise awaits. Bottom Bay is void of vendors and even public facilities, so make sure you go prepared. The waves from the Atlantic Ocean are considerably stronger than those on the other side of the island, making Bottom Bay rather unsafe for swimming. All in all, the beautiful turquoise waters, sparkling pink sand and desolate stretch of palm-lined beach make Bottom Bay one of the best beaches in Barbados.

Bathsheba Beach

Known as the surfing capital of Barbados, Bathsheba beach is located on the east coast in the parish of St. Joseph. This beach is near the small fishing village of the same name, which comes alive every year during the international surf competitions that come to the island. The beach is also known as the Soup Bowl.

Swimming here can be dangerous due to the strong rip tides and the undertow. However, if you are looking to get wet and cool off, the Bathsheba pools will satisfy your desires. Just off of the beach, carved out of an inshore reef, are a collection of pools a few feet deep that serve as a favorite spot for cooling off and also for the occasional, 100% authentic, Barbados style ‘Rum Punch’ party.

Browne’s Beach

Located on the western, Caribbean side of the island lies Browne’s Beach. This beach is ideally located just 5 minutes from the center of town and occupies nearly a half-mile of the coastline. Browne’s Beach is complete with white sand and calm waters perfect for swimming, paddle boarding, jet skiing or just laying on the shoreline, soaking up the sun.

With restaurants, shopping and nightlife all in close proximity, you may never have to leave your spot in the sand. One thing is for sure, while you may eventually have to say goodbye to this amazing beach, we guarantee that you won’t want to.

So there you have it, our top three picks for best beaches in Barbados. Which one will you visit first?