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Top 10 Comics that Predicted the Future

It’s bizarre to even think that something as simple as comics can actually predict the future. Woah, it even sounds insane when you talk about it. How does one come up with a story board so intricate and precise that it actually ends up predicting the future? Some may say they are just mere coincidences but some have strong faith ...

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Top 10 Movies that Saved Life in Real

Can movies really make a difference? Can movies actually save a life? We all see movies these days that make an impact on our lives, make us want to be better, remind us to not lose hope in impossible circumstances, but is it far-fetched to believe that movies can actually save a life. Oscar Wilde once remarked in The Decay ...

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20 Movies We Can’t Wait to See in 2014

While it is true that mega blockbusters like Avengers 2, Batman vs. Superman and Star Wars 7 are scheduled to be released in 2015, that does not mean that this year is not bursting with must-see movies. 2014 is going to be another memorable year, from Christopher Nolan’s return to direction to Ryan Gosling making his directorial debut. So whether ...

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Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies

There are a number of films that are set to be released next year. Although release dates have been announced by some films, which have not yet started filming, others have already finished or are in production but do not yet have known release dates. Of course, whittling down a selection tends to be tricky, but the following list of ...

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