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Top 10 best new Cars for 2014

There are various people in the world who love the company of new modeled thrilling cars every year. But not all of them can afford to change their vehicles yearly; in fact most of the car holders invest ones and use the same car for years and years. The people who can afford to give a hand to some delighting ...

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Top 10 Cheap Cars for Sale under USD1000

New article: Top 10 Best Cars for Sale under USD3000 in 2014. Driving is one of the best and most favorite activities of many of us. Usually we look for cheaper yet highly featured cars. But when it comes to name the branded cars, it is quite difficult to get them at cheaper prices. Still there are dozens of sources ...

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Top 10 Fastest Formula 1 Cars for 2015

Formula 1 cars are the famous open cockpit and open-wheel, single-seat racing cars with an engine behind the driver and substantial wings at the front and rear that racers drive at Formula 1 racing events. The 2013 season of Formula 1 motor racing featured the FIA F1 World Championship, with defending champion Sebastian Vettel scoring another win, becoming the Word ...

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Top 10 Modern Tanks in the World

Every country has a right to protect themselves from harm. However, for most countries their primary concern is protection their nation’s security. Once the government of each country figured out there was a way to put guns on wheels they have been trying to figure out how to make the perfect weapon to protect themselves. This comes in the form ...

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