When we invest in a watch, we obviously look for one that would last quite long; buying a watch every time something goes wrong with your current one isn’t an economical solution. When buying a watch, you would want something durable and worth the price we pay for it. Waterproof watches provide good durability, especially for people who constantly expose their watch to water whether knowingly or unknowingly. However, another popular material in terms of durability is Cerakote.

Chances are, you wouldn’t have come across Cerakote in most circumstances. The reason is that Cerakote is still a novel material in the market that various industries have started using to make products which last longer and have better resistance to weathering conditions. If you’re wondering what Cerakote is and why Cerakote watches are a great choice for a durable watch, here’s more about Cerakote and its benefits.


Cerakote is a material that was primarily used in the gun industry. It’s also known as ‘ceramic coating.’ Even a thin coating of Cerakote would make a surface tough, corrosion-resistant, chemical-resistant, impact tolerant, and much more. It has a tough texture, and this is why it’s also abrasion resistant. While many people complain that Cerakote coating is expensive, the protection it offers and how it makes products durable is unparalleled.


How did Cerakote coating become so popular with respect to watches in such a short span of time? One significant aspect is how it protects watches from occasional wear and tear. If you wear a Cerakote watch, it can endure a lot of rough use without giving in. A Cerakote coating is only given to the case, case back, and crown of the watch.

Yet another factor that has made Cerakote watches quite popular is the color range available in Cerakote watches. Cerakote watches have a beautiful finish, and they are available in a wide range of colors. Naturally, Cerakote coating is matte. However, based on the color of the watch, a glossy finish can even be achieved.

The reason why Cerakote watches and Cerakote coating is expensive are that the process of coating is long, tedious, and a lot of preparation goes into it. There is a need for high temperature and a lot of time to coat the components of the watch with Cerakote so that it retains its protective properties.


Each individual is different, and as unique individuals, we all make different choices. While there are many pre-made designs that people absolutely love, customized watches give a lot more satisfaction to buyers as they get to make a watch that’s truly their own. UNDONE is one of the most popular brands that offer the option of customizing watch designs.

A watch has various elements- the hands of the watch, strap, bezel, dial, the case of the dial, case back, etc. Now, you can’t imagine one watch with all the elements that exactly define your taste if it’s a pre-made watch. Maybe you like the dial, but not the color of the hands. Custom-made watches give that liberty to buyers to have all the elements in the style of their choice all in the same watch.


If you wish to have a watch with the case of the dial coated with Cerakote, you can always choose to have it on UNDONE’s official website. The website has a section called ‘customizer’ that allows people to customize their watch before they make the purchase. You would find two options- urban and aqua watches. Aqua watches are waterproof ones. While Urban watches don’t offer the option of having Cerakote parts, you would find them for the Aqua watches.

You would find the option of having Cerakote coating in two components of the watch- the bezel and the case of the dial. When you select the bezel or case option from their list, you would even find color variations in the Cerakote option. Based on the color of the dial and the kind of belt you choose for your watch, you can select out from red, military green, rose gold, grey, and silver for both the bezel and the case.

If you think the option of not being able to choose a Cerakote case back is a drawback, the protection that the bezel and case offer by resisting impact, general wear and tear, corrosion are quite impressive as well. The case back of your watch would do fine if you’re a little careful.


Buying a watch is an investment, and you don’t want to keep making investments every couple of months unless you’re a watch enthusiast or collector. While Cerakote watches offer great protection and justify their price, taking care of your watch and not intentionally exposing it to the extreme environment would increase the life of your watch.