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Fun Father and Son Activities to Increase Bonding

The father-son relationship is critical. A boy is greatly influenced by the time he spends with his father. It is during this time that a father impacts wisdom to his son. Time spent helps a boy become a man. Activities that you can do vary and will be influenced by resources available. The issue is not how much you spend,but it is on having quality time with your son. We have compiled a list of top father-son activities.


This has been a common activity for fathers and sons across the globe. The benefit with fishing is you get to teach your son a skill while having meaningful conversations. Fishing locations tend to be remote,and this means there are minimal distractions. Fishing teaches your son the art of patience and strategy. At the end of the day your son will have learned how to be independent and the value of hard work. You also get to eat some fish.


Another great way for father-son bonding is camping. As you teach him how to be independent through starting fires, tent making and making their own bed, you also take the opportunity to teach him a few things about life. Brazil offers great national parks that you can camp with your son. Read here for more. As a parent camping affords you an opportunity to relax as you sleep under the stars. It also enables you to appreciate the things you take for granted – living in a minimalistic way.

Building a rocket

Boys love rockets. It is how fast they fly and burst into flames. This is an outdoor activity you can try out with your son. Model rockets require skill to design,and you can bond with your son as you figure out how to set up the fuses, and launching it. You also get to have fun in the process.

Playing catch

This has been a favorite past time for most fathers and son. You can teach your son social skills like coordinating with other team members during a game of catch. Your son can also learn how to focus on the incoming ball and making a strike. You can affirm him whenever he makes a good strike and encourage when he fails.

Go for sporting events

There is something special about men and sports. They like the adrenaline,and it is time to switch off the TV and be outdoors. There are several sporting events that you can take your son to include basketball, baseball, football, tennis or swimming. Do not forget special schools events. While watching the team play you can cheer them on and eat some hot dogs.

Road trip

Just like camping going for a road trip gives you an excellent opportunity to bond with your son. You can take a long drive along the countryside as you explore different towns and cultures. This is a good opportunity to bond and to teach your son how to appreciate other people and cultures.

Car maintenance

Men love automobiles,and the machine probably fascinates your son. You can teach your son how to clean it, how to change tires and how a car works. As your son sees you do maintenance they can learn and ask questions. You can even teach him how to save by asking him to be cleaning the car for in return of a dollar or two.


Boys aspire to be like their fathers,and your son is probably wondering when he will grow his own beard. You can take the time to the barbershop to bond with your son and teach him how to be a man. Interaction with other males is vital for growth and what better way to do this than in the barbershop. Uncomfortable topics concerning women and sex may often come up at the barbershop,and this would be the opportune time to teach him how to respect women.


This is a fun outdoor activity for all the family members and gives you an opportunity to teach your son how to grill his foods. Making awesome barbecues is a technique that fathers can teach their sons. You have to keep the fire even and know when to flip the BBQs and keep the juices locked in. The rest of the family can participate in the barbecue,and you can share stories and catch up with family and friends.


This is not a pastime relegated to Christmas time only. It teaches you gratitude, living on less, and humility. As you help other people, you get an opportunity to grow as well. You can take your son to children’s homes, charity events or help prepare meals for less fortunate members. Your son also gets to learn several life skills which will come in handy during adulthood.

A vintage show

Car shows are events frequented by men,and you can take your son to one. A vintage show lets your son see cars from another era. It can be an opportune time to teach him some history. He also learns that hard work pay off as he sees vintage carsbeen restored to glory.


Many men learned bowling skills from their fathers. You can take your son to a bowling alley when it is raining or snowing outside. He gets to learn about the different bowling balls, and how to throw the ball.


This is another fun activity for boys. During the training process, your son will learn discipline and how to focus. It also teaches your son how to celebrate success and how not to give up when they lose. Archery requires constant practice for you to hit the target effectively.


There are many sporting and indoor activities that father and son can engage in. Sons look up to their fathers for approval,and fun activities give you the opportunity to teach your son a skill or two. As you bond,you can teach your son how to become a man and to respect other people and take care of his environment.