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How to Effectively Train a Dog

There are so many tutorials online, teaching dog owners how to train their dogs to follow commands and observe basic manners. However, while history may dictate that some breeds are aggressive and violent, do not be fooled. When treated right, these pets are the best- that’s why they are termed as man’s best friend. They are fragile and loving, and like all tough animals, they have a soft side too. Using praises rewards and taking your time to train them, you will be able to create a very strong bond with your canine.

  1. Sit

The best place to start training your dog is in places where there are very few distractions. Put a treat over the head of your pet. This will cause him to look upwards. His hunches will automatically cause him to sit. The moment his rear touches the floor, praise him and offer him the treat. Repeat several times over the course of a few weeks. Remember to repeatedly say the word “sit” so that he understands what you want him to do. He will associate sitting with a command.

2. Come

One of the most important commands is recall command. It could be a lifesaver. Start from a quiet environment such as your hallway or your sitting room. Have your helper hold your dog. Walk in the opposite direction and keep calling your dog’s name. As soon as the dog shows some interest in coming towards you, have your helper release him. Making this more challenging by creating more and more distractions and at the time same time increasing the distance. As soon as your dog arrives, praise him and give him a lot of treats.

3. Lying down

If you want your dog to lie down, he must first already know the sit command. Command your dog to sit and face him holding the treat. Bring the treat to his nose and then straight down vertically ending between the dog’s legs. Pull out the treat as if making a horizontal L. It should follow the L and lie down without any problems. As soon as his armpits touch the floor, release the treat between his paws and praise the dog. Repeat the command severally using the words “lie down” or “down.” This is also a great time to introduce ocu glo, which will help keep the dog’s eyesight healthy even as it ages.

4. Stay

This command requires some attention. You don’t want your dog to be following you everywhere. It will be difficult to introduce it to your dog at first, but with time they will get it. If you have taught your dog to lie down, have him do it next to you. Using the palm of your hand, signal the dog to stay. Go in front of your dog, with your palm still open, say the word stay. Go back to your original position. If your dog stays, give him a treat, and praise him for staying.


The key to getting your puppy or dog to understand and learn these commands is repetition. Make sure you go over these commands every day so that they can associate the words with what you need them to do. Remember that sometimes they may not cooperate, but that is fine. It does not mean your dog is not intelligent, it just requires a bit more time.