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Instagram Analytics Tools You Should Consider Using

For the growth of your Instagram account, you need to study different aspects of your account. Read on for some analytics tools you should consider using.

Engagement is the hallmark of social media, particularly Instagram. What this means is people on the site love interacting with other people and brands, both major and minor. Social media would not exist without it in the first place, and Instagram ranks this as one of the priorities all accounts should have; otherwise, your account will not be as valuable.

The fact remains that the engagement levels on Instagram are more than four to twelve times compared to those of other social media platforms. The introduction of the Instagram algorithm in 2016 further entrenched the value of engagements on the site, leading to the increase of third-party services that boost your post engagement levels, such as the Buy 50 instagram followers.While you are capable of selling your products or marketing your brand on the platform, the benefits it gives will mostly apply on the top of your funnel of sales.

Many times though, the efforts you make in marketing efforts will not always reflect back to your profile on Instagram, so you will need to have additional ways of justifying the performance of your account. Here are some metrics you can use that help you get access to your metrics.


The purpose of this tool assists you to relate your frequency of posting to the followers you gain or lose every day. It also gives you a feature that buffers your account, and manages how you post on several accounts at the same time (it therefore helps you to track how your posts are performing across different accounts).

The effectiveness of this tool makes it very good if you have an agency or you are a freelancer who wants to save your time when you have many clients or departments to manage. It will also reveal interactions and comments on every post you make to help you manage the conversations without leaving any of them.

It also allows you to schedule posts in advance, since it also comes with a calendar, and gives you data on influencers you are interested in to compare their statistics before reaching out to them.

Simply measured

This tool enables you to see the impact your brand is making on the site, and helps in adjusting your marketing tactics to reach wider audiences. It also monitors the growth of your follower base.

You should note though – there are other methods you should consider using include hashtags, as they can give you are more accurate measure of the reach each of your posts are getting. This will also help you to gauge the potential of growing your account with time.

The metric allows you to get complete snapshots of videos (if you post them), as well as the conversions and the basic views it is getting. This also gives a better sense of where you stand against the competition, as well as how your posts measure up against campaigns.

Sprout social

This is similar to Iconosquare because it combines management tools and content creation and the analytics behind your account. It helps you to schedule your content across multiple social platforms, even if you post from your Instagram account.

If you work in an organization that adheres to strict guidelines in terms of marketing, then this is the best analytics tool to go for. This is because it has a central library of media content that has some built-in editing tools.

The tool allows you to use push notifications to update the next person (in case you are working in an enterprise with multiple departments), and leave them to oversee the following steps. The social CRM will allow you to arrange your channel conversations into ‘smart’ inboxes and help to improve your conversations over time.

An additional feature is tracking specific hashtags or geotags, and tracking the performance of your posts across these. You can then compile them into reports that help you see the progress you are making at a glance.


The above metrics assist you to track your progress on Instagram quickly, but this one will provide you with quick feedback to adjust your marketing strategies quickly. For instance, you may type in a certain account or hashtag, and it will immediately tell you the trends that are emerging, and that you can use in your posts.

It will also show you the internal trends that will provide you the most optimum results when you use them. This will provide an easy way to track the activities that make your account experience growth in followers, even with a certain amount of time.

In addition, you can make a feed, which tracks the accounts of your competitors automatically and see the strategies they are using and that are working for them, including those that do not. This will also help you know what strategies you can use, those you can modify, and those you can avoid using. The data is then sorted into an easy dashboard or graph, so that you can analyze it with others as well (if you are working with a team).


This tool uses two things – individual measurements of every post (the overall engagement levels) and combines it with aggregate data, such as the follower counts and overall views.

If you are confused or not sure about the best time to post your content, this tool also comes in handy, as it will give you quick information on the best times you need to put your content out there. It goes beyond this though – it includes guidance on the times you should not post, making it an invaluable option.

In addition, you can also check the ‘best’ times it recommends and experiment on the ones that work for you.

Final thoughts

Getting to tweak your marketing strategy on Instagram requires help, ass there is data that is difficult to access if your do not use statistics trackers. Fortunately, these apps will also assist you to grow your account, since they offer you the best strategies and information that helps you adjust your efforts accordingly.