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Top 38 lancome Women’s Perfumes – Best Men’s Cologne 2017

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Why Lancome Fragrance is the best for every woman

When it comes to choosing high quality, attractive and effective fragrances for women, few can compare with the Lancome perfumes. The Lancome perfumes are extremely sophisticated and evocative in nature and can easily impress others around and make the user standout in the crowd. Scope of choice for the buyers is innumerable; they can choose the classic or the contemporary products depending on their preferences and demands of the occasion when it is used.

Rediscover old flame or choose the new signature scent from the company. Choices can vary between Eau de parfums, Eau de toilette, and various others but there won’t be any downside in terms of quality and effectiveness of the Lancome perfumes chosen.

The signature perfume Tresor is associated with the image of spokesman for the company Isabella Rosellini who was the face for them till 2007 when Kate Winslet took over. Some other popular women’s perfumes are Poeme, Miracle, as well as the recent production Hypnose.

It does not mean that the company does not produce any perfume and cologne for men. The Hypnose Homme, male counterpart of Hypnose is very popular in the market. As the leading manufacturer of cosmetics, skincare, and fragrances; Lancome is the subsidiary of famous Loreal company.

Below Are The Top 38 Lancome Perfumes For Women and Best Fragrance or Cologne For Men You Should Check Out!

1. Reveal your Brightside with La Vie Est Belle Lancome Perfume

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The La Vie Est Belle Perfume was first launched in the year 2012. This elegant and opulent perfume adds the beauty and style to your regular wardrobe. Along with the notes of warm vanilla, juicy black currant, Tonka bean, sweet praline and ripe pears, the pure and clean fragrance is just a thing for daily wear.

2. Catch the match with Tresor Lancome Perfume

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The Tresor Perfume was first launched in the year 1990. This has been made especially for women. The lush and feminine scent features blend of rose, orris, heliotrope, apricot and iris as well. Splash a bit of it on your body and go out on a romantic date or any formal office meeting.

3. Walk bold with Miracle Perfume

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Created for women in the year 2000, this mesmerizing scent combines aquatic and tropical accords with fresh spices and floral, and it is resulting in the perfumed delight for the senses. It completely complements the casual ensembles as well as your fanciest designer duds, so that you can dab some on for any occasion.

4. Walk like a winner by applying Tresor Midnight Rose Perfume

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Created in the year 2011, Tresor Midnight Rose Perfume infuses some sweet fruity notes of raspberry, and warm notes of musk and vanilla and also the flirty, floral tones of rose and jasmine to create an exciting scent, which will linger long right after you leave the room and just make you unforgettable.

5. Immense in the exciting Poeme Lancome Perfume

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The Poeme Perfume was first made in the year 1995 by the designer Lancome. This exiting and lush scent features plum, black currant, mandarin orange along with the Himalayan poppy and aromatic greens. This luscious scent communicates even when one is at a loss for words. Splash a bit and walk for your college or office.

6. Attract your partner wearing Climat Lancome Perfume

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Introduced in the year 1967, Climat Perfume is a classic scent perfect for all women. The perfume comes with an air of sophistication and elegnace. Floral notes of jasmine, violet, and lily-of-the-valley are united with juicy peach as well as refreshing bergamot. Climat is the ideal scent for any season and for any time of the day.

7. Stand out with distinctive personality wearing Hypnose Perfume

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Hypnose Perfume is the floral, flirty fragrance that is created by Lancome in the year 2005. Sensual top notes of the passion flower and jasmine provide the aroma an influential draw, while the gardenia sneaks in to take some things to the next level. Wear it anytime and leave a lasting impression on those people who are around you.

8. Bask in the beauty of Magie Noire Perfume

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Created in the year 1978, the Magie Noire Perfume has intended for women. This sensuous and exciting scent has the top notes of Bulgarian rosebud, raspberry, civet, cassis and hyacinth. Middle notes comprise exotic narcissus, honey and jasmine that graduate to sandalwood, patchouli and amber. Wear it anytime and feel the crowd surrounds you.

9. Lost in the smell of Tresor In Love Perfume

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Created in the year 2010 by perfumers Dominique Ropion and Veronique Nyberg, the perfectly pretty Tresor In Love Perfume is the lighter, more youthful description of the line’s original and extremely successful fragrance. It features a pure and fresh blend of fruity bergamot, pear as well as nectarine notes that is combined with pink pepper and the delicate sweetness of jasmine flowers.

10. Revel in the intoxication of O De Lancome Perfume

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Launched in the year 1969 by Lancome, this classic and elegant scent offers the top notes of elements of citrus, such as tangerine, lemon and bergamot combined with lily-of-the-valley, honeysuckle, and jasmine. Middle notes comprise basil, rosemary, oak moss, vetiver, musk and sandalwood to provide aromatic beauty. This scent pleases the senses from day to night.

11. Explore your fun side with L’autre Oud Perfume

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The L’autre Oud Perfume was first released in the year 2012. It features spicy, woody as well as floral scent, which lasts long almost 8-10 hours in a day. It has been a combination of beautiful ingredients like clary sage, saffron, Turkish and Bulgarian Rose, labdanum, and more. Wear it anytime in a day and let the head turns once to you.

12. Let your heart out with Magnifique Perfume

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Lancome launched Magnifique Perfume in the year 2008 for some of the passionate woman in love with life. This smell celebrates vibrant femaleness with the spicy warmth of saffron and also the smoky embrace of exotic sandalwood as well as caraway. This is light enough for the daytime wear and suitable for any romantic evening for two.

13. Enjoy the rich lushness of Lancome Oud Bouquet Perfume

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Lancome Oud Bouquet Perfume is a floral, warm spicy and sweet, scent that was released in the year 2014. The top notes of this cologne include rose petals and saffron, while the heart of the fragrance contains agar wood or oud, hence the name of the perfume. Apply a bit and get the aroma throughout the day.

14. Enjoy the feminism with O D’azur Perfume- One of the best Lancome Perfumes

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Created in the year 2011 by Lancome, O D’azur Perfume is a scent for elegant and sophisticated women who genuinely enjoy having a little fun. The appealing scent combines the fruity, floral and citrusy notes of peony, Turkish rose, calabrian lemon, bergamot and its spicy pink pepper tone will revitalize your senses without overpowering them.

15. Feel the senses with Benghal Perfume- Top of Lancome Perfumes

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Launched by Lancome in the year 2006, this exciting women’s Benghal Perfume has the fragility of a butterfly and the hidden ferocity of a lion. This is spicy and bold and features aromas of osmanthus, apricot, mandarin orange, ginger as well as jasmine. This scent has the fun and flirty side.

16. Fall in love with Oui Perfume- One of the most popular Lancome Perfumes

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Oui Perfume is a clean and soft fragrance by Lancome created in the year 1999. The natural essences of sweet tart nectarine, clementine, citrusy mandarin orange, water hyacinth as well as an exclusive vodka note, blend well to make this timeless classic. Apply a bit of this perfume and proceed for office and college.

17. Experience the freshness of Tresor Lumineuse Perfume

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Launched by Lancome in the year 2013, Tresor Lumineuse is the soft and feminine scent for women, which is just the thing for some special occasions. It combines the creamy and sweet notes of praline and vanilla along with Damask rose, violet leaf and also the warm musk for a aroma, which will help you get the attention you deserve.

18. Elegant and special La Nuit Tresor Perfume

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La Nuit Tresor Perfume is a majestic scent is an array of floral, fruits and sugary sweet ingredients which is quite sure to make even the coldest heart melt. It features the pear, passion fruit, strawberry, tangerine and more and also provides an amazing aroma that lasts long almost 10-12 hours.

19. Express yourself with Mille Une Roses Perfume

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Released in the year 1960, this alluring scent uses base notes of musk, amber and vanilla that are harmonized with the rose and amber to create an air of femininity and sensuality. Wear Milne Une Roses perfume as a daytime perfume to the office, on the shopping trip or anytime that you want to lift your mood.

20. Get hypnotized with Hypnose Senses Perfume

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The hypnotic scent of Hypnose Senses Perfume by Lancome entices the women who actually wear it with its amazing fruity orange notes. Since its introduction in the year 2009, this perfume has earned a huge popularity. It features lots of floral and sweet fruity scents, which drives your mind easily.

21. Explore your identity with Aroma Calm Perfume

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Introduced in the year 2000, Aroma Calm Perfume by Lancome is ideal for any woman looking to just spend the entire night out on the town along with that special someone. The aromatic and sweet scents combine the rose, iris, woody and cedar notes that generate the ambrosial and lasting aroma.

22. Get attracted with Attraction Perfume

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Introduced in the year 2003, this designer fragrance from Lancome imparts cedar and tuberose along with the lighter notes of orange blossom, iris and jasmine. The resulting combination is absolutely flowery but mysterious scent. Give yourself a cool and refresher towards the end of the day to just prepare for the casual get-together or date.

23. Be the beauty with Connexion Perfume

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Lancome Perfume has launched a new perfume called Connexion Perfume in the year 2003. This has been made for women who are classy, elegant and gorgeous. The fruity and floral blend contains jasmine, grapefruit, pink pepper, pink peony and more always offers a new way to stand with elegance. Now enjoy the womanhood by dabbing a bit of it.

24. Play bold with Cuir De Lancome Perfume

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Originally released in the yaer 1936, this distinctively different women’s scent sets you apart by providing an alternative to the traditional feminine formulas. Beautiful saffron spice, tart citrus notes as well as the leathery essence of suede merge in this Lancome creation along with a rich history as well as an unforgettable quality.

25. Get a peppy charm with Cyclades Perfume

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Released in the year 2008, this women’s scent provides a youthful as well as vibrant aroma that will certainly remind you of the blue skies, salty coasts, and also dense flora of the Mediterranean. It features bergamot, jasmine, neroli, and more ingredients that captivate your mind and heart. Wear it a bit go on a romantic date.

26. So Magic Perfume: A magical fragrance to look out for

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Released in the year 2004 by Lancome, this scent features the mixture of violet, pink pepper, and hazelnut, which warms your senses with a sweet, rich, and floral aroma. The perfume continues to just release the rejuvenating floral scent, as the narcissus and jasmine heart notes are set free, while the white musk provides the aromatic fragrance.

27. Feel beautiful with Tropiques Perfume

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Released in the year 2006, this perfume features deliciously fruity notes of the raspberry, cranberry, and black currant. The jasmine and mango blossom bring this airy and light fragrance down to earth while just keeping things tropical. This scent is the ideal way to escape the entire things ordinary and dull and step into the regular life.

28. Enjoy the richness of O De L’orangerie Perfume

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Crafted in the year 2011 in the Lancome labs, this women’s scent draws you in along with the vivid floral aroma as well as a pop of white jasmine, and then soothes your heart and mind with sylvan undertones. Let this floral and flirty bouquet reveal the attractive and undeniable woman in you.

29. Regenerate your heart and mind with Miracle Blossom Perfume

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The Miracle Blossom Perfume is one of the magical scents launched by Lancome. This is a classic perfume that offers an exclusive and new way to the women to explore them. The tantalizing smell infuses vibrant notes of raspberry, cranberry, passion fruit as well as bergamot along with a subtle hint of the rose petals.

30. Walk for a date wearing Miracle Eau Legere Sheer Perfume

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Released by French label Lancome in the year 2008, the captivating floral and fruity composition adds an exotic litchi fruit and ginger spice to exciting freesia and magnolia. The result is an elegant and classic women’s scent along with an aphrodisiac, unmistakably feminine quality. This beautiful Lancome design adds the graceful note to your beauty routine.

31. Miracle Forever Perfume: Get the sparkling beauty- One True miracle of Lancome Perfumes

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Pamper yourself with the amazing timeless and seductive fragrance called Miracle Forever Perfume released in the year 2006. The scent features the mix notes of black currant, peony, star anise and more delicate ingredients. Dab a bit of this perfume and leave your impression while walking of for college and office.

32. Miracle Intense Perfume: Feel the boldness- One of top interesting Lancome Perfumes

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This strong and bold aroma by Lancome mixes striking incense with magnolia and flowery jasmine as well as spicy pepper and ginger, and resulting in a mesmerizing blend sure to magnetize those within close range. It was launched in the year 2003; this lovely perfume is perfect for just pairing with any attire you own.

33. Get enchanted by Miracle Summer Perfume- One of hottest Lancome Perfumes

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Launched for women in the year 2003, this carefree scent melds fascinating notes of jasmine, litchi, and magnolia along with airy mandarin orange and pink grapefruit for a scent that provokes some playful reactions from those who cross your path. Apply a little of this perfume and makes your entire day just mesmerizing.

34. Revitalize your senses with Miracle Ultra Pink Perfume

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Created by Lancome in the year 2004, this scent is appropriately feminine and incredibly refreshing. The fruity and floral scent brings together the top notes of pink pepper and ginger. The middle notes contain amber, musk, freesia, magnolia and litchi. This is perfect for both the night and day time and also for every season.

35. Dynamic allure with Hypnose Cologne- One of the best Lancome Perfumes

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If you are looking for a tempting and alluring men’s fragrance, go for the Hypnose Cologne, created in the year 2007. The high notes of this perfume contain cardamom, mint and some more spicy ingredients and create a seductive aroma that easily drags your partner towards you. Apply a bit and experience the lushness.

36. Get the majestic and magnetic Miracle Cologne- One of coolest Lancome Perfumes

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The Miracle Cologne was first launched in the year 2001 and earned a huge popularity. This is a dynamic scent that offers some woody and spicy aroma. It features the exciting elements of coffee, vetiver, oak moss to generate the sophisticated and bold brew. Your daily routine will be instantly revitalized by the amazing aroma.

37. Feel the magical smell by Miracle L’aquatonic Cologne

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First offered in the year 2003, this perfume for men actually comes from the renowned Lancome design house. Miracle L’aquatonic Cologne awakens all of your senses along with the intense citrus notes of lemon and bitter orange, enhanced by the subtle violet and coriander notes. Enjoy your entire day wearing a small amount of it.

38. Feel young with Trophee Cologne- One of Trusted Lancome Perfumes

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Released in the year 1982, Trophee by Lancome is the perfect perfume choice for men who are sporty and also interested in the outdoors. The top notes of the perfume contain Amalfi lemon, basil, lavender and lime. This is absolutely amazing as an evening wear while in the gold course or hiking in the woods.

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