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Top 18 lanvin Women’s Perfumes – Best Men’s Cologne 2017

Why lanvin Fragrance is the best for him or her?

Oldest fashion house of Paris, Lanvin was established in 1889 by Jeanne Lanvin Marguerite. The company provides ready-to-wear perfumes and accessories such as Eclat D’arpege, Rumeur, Vetyver, L’homee, and Oxygene among lanvin perfumes others.

Most impressive collection of exotic perfumes were marketed by Lanvin in 1920s with the induction of expert Andre Frayesse in the company. This was the time when Niv Nal, kara, Arpege, Irise, Djenoun, Qu Fleurit L’oranger, GEranum D’Spange, La Dogaresse, J’En RAffole, Chypre, Le Sillon, and Comme-ci Comme-ca were produced besides other excellent perfumes and marketed by the company. The company produced and marketed fragrances for both men and women. Though many of these products have disappeared some like My Sin still continues to hold a sway over the consumers.

In recent times the company has come up with d’Eclat d’Arpege, Lanvin Vetyver, and Lanvin Man. At the same time they also came up with multiple versions of Oxygene for men and women. The oldest Parisian fashion house still holds a venerable position in the market and is still producing fresh fragrances for men and women.

The current focus of the leading perfume and cologne brand of Paris is on providing the users with luxurious ready-to-wear apparels, accessories, and perfumes. The brand is popular because of its innovative and intelligent combination of classic and contemporary flavor in fragrances.

Below Are The Top 24 Dana Perfumes For Women and Best Fragrance or Cologne For Men You Should Check Out!

1. Eclat D’arpege Perfume: Favorite for outdoor wear

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Released in 2010, Eclat D’arpege Perfume by Lanvin is a hot pick for the fashion loving women. Combining notes of red peony, peach blossom, petitgrain and green lilac it produces a pleasant floral fragrance that is great for going out with your special someone.

2. Arpege Perfume: Delightful fragrance for women

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Arpege Perfume by Lanvin is a delicate floral fragrance that has rich aroma with powdery and woody accords. It combines bergamot, peach, iris, jasmine, lily, patchouli, amber, musk, vanilla to deliver an enticing fragrance experience. Wear this lingering scent in the evening to get noticed.

3. Feel the enticing smell of Marry Me Perfume

Marry Me Perfume by Lanvin is a romantic fragrance for the women. Released in 2010, this delights the senses with delicate citrus floral and woodsy notes. Whether it is a social gathering or an evening party, wear this to be showered with compliments.

4. Jeanne Lanvin Perfume will unleash your subtle femininity

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Combining notes of pear, lemon, freesia with blackberry and raspberry, Jeanne Lanvin Perfume is a delicate fragrance for the women. Introduced in 2008 by Lanvin, this sweet, fruity scent surrounds with a delighting aroma making you more charming and desired wherever you go.

5. Rumeur Perfume lets you a have a tranquil feeling

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Rumeur Perfume combines floral, herbal and earthy notes to deliver a lingering fragrance that exudes elegant and charm. Wearing this will remind you of sweet memories. Whether you have some daytime appointment, or evening date you can wear this for an appealing presence.

6. Eclat De Fleurs Perfume makes you romantic

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Eclat De Fleurs Perfume by Lanvin is for the women, who love to exude a dash of romanticism. It blends notes of rose, jasmine, freesia, pear and sandalwood to make it a classic, soft feminine fragrance that you can wear every day and in special occasions.

7. Rumeur 2 Rose Perfume is sure to draw compliments

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Launched in 2008 Rumeur 2 Rose Perfume from Lanvin is created for the fashionable worn of all ages. This sparkling fragrance features notes of bergamot, orange, lemon, grapefruit, rose and amber to dazzle senses. It is great for daytime and evening casual wear.

8. Lanvin Me Perfume makes everyone stare

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Lanvin Me Perfume is a soft, but energetic fragrance. Since its introduction in 2013, this has been enriching the presence of the women by casting a romantic cloud. Whether you are out for a first date or planning a dinner with your beau, this serves great.

9. Jeanne Lanvin Couture Perfume highlights femininity and style

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Jeanne Lanvin Couture Perfume by Lanvin has been a hot favorite of the women, since it was released in 2012. This crisp and sophisticated fragrance accentuates your feminine elegance and makes you sensual. You can wear this seductive formulation for any occasion and anywhere.

10. Feel the smell of luminous Lanvin Me L’eau Perfume

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Lanvin Me L’eau Perfume was introduced by Lanvin in 2014. Combining floral and citrus notes with musk and cedar, it produces a cool, yet sexy fragrance for spring and summer outings. This is perfect for daytime use and for dating in the evening.

11. Oxygene Perfume can make your evenings romantic

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Inspired by the Arpege tradition Oxygene Perfume was launched by Lanvin in 2000. This blends soft floral, spicy, powdery and musky notes to exude a classic, breezy overall fragrance and lingers in the air delivering a romantic ambiance making it great for evening outings.

12. Lanvin La Rose Perfume makes you stylish and graceful

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Lanvin La Rose Perfume for women mixes notes of raspberry, rose, red currant, white musk, vetiver and cedar wood bringing in a sophistication that symbolizes your love for finer things in life. This is a cool refreshing fragrance that you can confidently wear.

13. Lanvin Cologne: Your all purpose fragrance

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Lanvin Cologne is a distinct masculine fragrance for those who seamlessly transform from work mode to entertainment mode. Combining flavors of pomegranate blossom, lavender, neroli and bergamot this exotic scent for men is perfect for meetings, lunches, dinners and dating in the evening as well.

14. Lanvin L’homme Sport Cologne showcases your sporty side

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Introduced in 2009 Lanvin L’homme Sport Cologne is an opulent fragrance for the modern men who prefer to shine their sporty side. This combines citrus and spicy notes to let you create lasting impression everywhere. You can wear this at office and on a date.

15. Eclat D’arpege Cologne keeps you apart from the crowd

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Eclat D’arpege Cologne by Lanvin is a contemporary masculine fragrance released in 2015. Composition of citrus, floral notes with wood and musk makes it a sensual aromatic fragrance to stand out of the crowd. This is great for wearing at office and romantic evenings.

16. Oxygene Cologne reveals your rugged masculinity

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When you want to appear young, cheerful and carefree; Oxygene Cologne from the house of Lanvin can let you impress with your rugged masculinity. This addictive fragrance has a fascinating aroma profile containing green and spicy notes and is an ideal fashion accessory for evoking vitality.

17. Avant Garde Cologne shines the dandy style

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Avant Garde Cologne by Lanvin was introduced in 2011 for showcasing the dandy style. Featuring notes of bergamot, black pepper, lavender, pink peppercorns, juniper, tonka bean, and amber this sensual fragrance is for the confident men. You can wear this at office and for evening outings.

18. Arpege Cologne makes you cheerful with uncompromising smell

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This invigorating fragrance mixes Seville orange, nectarine, pink pepper, neroli, iris, vanilla, nutmeg, tonka bean, and patchouli to give the wearer leverage for daily activities. Launched in 2005 by Lanvin, Arpege Cologne is a natural, fresh and energizing fragrance that can boost you up.