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List of Top 10 Celebs Who are Actually Gays

Sometimes it happens that when come to know some shocking news about the celebrities we love, it turns our emotions into happy one, extreme excitement, or sad ones. Hollywood, as we all know, is the strongest entertainment industry in the world. Here there is no short of popular celebrities. Many of them are among the most adorable Hollywood actors, while others are simply known to be the dominating beauty queens. Whatsoever the sex of a celebrity may be, the important fact is that he/she is known for the amazing acting, and charming personality.

Have you ever wondered of what’ll happen if you get to know that your favorite celebrity is actually a gay? I’m sure the news will prove to be highly shocking and surprising for you, but the fact is that it is true. There are several celebrities who are actually gay, to know who they are take a look at the list of top 10 celebs who are actually gays.

10. Sebastian Ligarde

Celebs Who are Actually Gays

Sebastian has been a fantastic and great Mexico television star. In June, 2013, his fans were shocked to hear an announcement he made on television—that was he is a proudly gay. He explained that he is proud of being a gay, and no gay needs to walk down the street with hopelessness. He also said that sexual preference is a genetic phenomenon, and we cannot force anyone to have sex with an opposite.

9. Wentworth Miller

Celebs Who are Actually Gays

Wentworth’s secret came out the time when Russia passed a law banning “homosexual propaganda”. The Prison Break actor rejected the offer of attending the conversation as a guest of honor at the St. Petersburg International Film Festival. He said that he regrets Russia’s anti-gay laws and cannot be a part of the movement as he is also a gay man.

8. Lance Bass

Celebs Who are Actually Gays

Lance has been a fantastic ‘NSYNC’ star. He broke the hearts of various of his female fans when an announcement in 2006 was made by People’s Magazine that Lance is a gay. The magazine had interviewed this person and he said that becoming a gay isn’t shameful. He is, in fact, product of his decision of staying away from the women.

7. Zachary Quinto

Celebs Who are Actually Gays

Another actor quiet about his private life, Zachary’s secret of being gay came out in 2011. In those days, a public rash of gay teenagers committed suicide, and Zachary felt sorry for the incident. He told New York Magazine that it is very sad to lose one of his community member, and acknowledged that becoming a gay or not cannot impact his professional life.

6. Ellen Degeneres

Celebs Who are Actually Gays

Ellen is a fantastic talk show host. She has had been known for her amazing personality and beautiful figure—but how sad that her male fans were disappointed hearing that she is a gay. She made this announcement that she was gay since 1997’s episode of her comedy series Ellen.

5. Cynthia Nixon

Celebs Who are Actually Gays

Cynthia is one of the Sex and the City quartets. She had to face a lot of criticism after she made an official announcement that she is a gay. Her lesbian relationship ended up with Danny Mozes in 2003. After being seen with Christine Marinoni, Cynthia engaged with Danny in 2009.

4. Orlando Cruz

Celebs Who are Actually Gays

In an interview given to USA Today, Orlando announced of being a gay. This boxer has been known for his amazing performance and talent in the game. But he made himself clear at the first hand, and succeeded in becoming the first openly gay boxer.

3. Ricky Martin

Celebs Who are Actually Gays

Yes, you’re right, your favorite star Ricky Martin is also a gay. He had been very reticent about his private life, but finally this Puerto Rican singer became the subject of rumors when he announced in 2010 that he was a gay and cannot develop a relationship with a woman.

2. Jason Collins

Celebs Who are Actually Gays

Jason is one of the best NBA stars, who faced much criticism when an announcement over Sports Illustrated revealed the fact that Jason Collins is a gay. The story remained on the cover of magazine’s last April edition.

1. Christian Chavez

Celebs Who are Actually Gays

The Rebelde actor and former singer of RBD, Christian Chavez’s news of being a gay came out in 2007 after some of his pictures with another man in Canada. Months ago he had engaged with this Canadian guy, thus, both made a perfect lesbian couple.