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List of Top 10 Worst WWE Stars Ever

Acting is a significant part of WWE. The wrestlers are not less talented than Hollywood celebrities. In fact, this business is like a theater in which the stars perform live on the stage. Unlike the theater performance that is only meant to entertain the people and create the environment of emotions, the wrestlers have to defeat the rivals in the ring by fights and showing off their physical powers.

There have had been a lot of stars in WWE history, but only a few of them could get worldwide fame, while the rest were putted behind the race of competition. Only the male or female star with hot personality, frank behavior and strong physic can survive in this game. Let us take a look at the list of top 10 worst WWE stars ever.

10. The Rock

Worst WWE Stars

The Rock, a famous star who moved to Hollywood a few years ago, wasn’t actually as worst as some of his fans started taking him after his decision to quit wrestling. He is still reminded by his fans, just because they were in deep love with their favorite WWE celebrity, some of them are even waiting for The Rock to quit his acting and come back to the wrestling. Well, that seems to be impossible now!

9. Heidenreich

Worst WWE Stars

It was in 2000, when WWE brought in John Heidenreich with high hopes. He was a former football player who thought of becoming a wrestler and used to enter the ring with full potential. The way Heidenreich used to treat his co-wrestlers was extremely weird. I remember one of his moments when he did a backstage segment with Michael Cole. He was actually trying to push him up against a wall in a bad way—which is why he is named a worse WWE star. Many of the people believe that Heidenreich should have learned the manners of the game before entering the championships.

8. Ken Shamrock

Worst WWE Stars

A star with too much attitude is never loved by the audience and viewers. This is what actually happened with Ken Shamrock. He was a guy who used to turn the face many times but it seems that never realized how he acted. This is might be the part of his personality. He came from UFC, and was among the UFC stars back in the early 1990s. With little acting experience, Ken failed to perform well in the game.

7. Rikishi

Worst WWE Stars

It took many years and gimmicks to Rikishi for finding a suitable character for himself. It seemed that he was saddled with bad gimmicks with only some physical talent. But when it came to deliver a money-making promo, he always failed to behave as a professional actor. In his WWE career, he started out as a Headshrinker in one of his worst gimmicks that couldn’t seem him talk well. His fans only liked his signature Stink Face move and the dance.

6. Mike Adamle

Worst WWE Stars

Mike Adamle, for many of us, is one of the worst on-screen wrestlers. When WWE brought in the former American Gladiator host and sportscaster, Mike couldn’t know how to actually work in this business. Adamle spent around a year in WWE in 2008, he had a good physic but extremely bad acting that actually failed and seemed more like a football player not the wrestler.

5. The Bella Twins

Worst WWE Stars

Recalling the year of 2009 when WWE brought to Raw, a common weekly theme was to have the Bellas in backstage segments. Both were good looking, no doubt, but the level of performance expected from a WWE star was surely missing. Many of their segments looked awkward, and they didn’t get many backstage segments. I believe they should have learnt some acting before entering the game.

4. Torrie Wilson

Worst WWE Stars

Torrie Wilson is one of the best looking women in WWE. She remained a member of wrestling business for about ten years. During her wrestling career, she was most known for her look and physical attraction, but when we talk about her acting—that was the worst factor of her professional life. She was working since 1990 until 2008, but seemed to have failed in improving her on-screen acting. She is the winner of various bikini contests.

3. Steve Blackman

Worst WWE Stars

Steve Blackman is famous with his title “Lethal Weapon” because he possessed nice fighting skills. It seems that he was only a wrestler, but not an excellent actor. Rarely could we see Blackman acting in backstage vignette. He even couldn’t deliver best promos. In fact, he hadn’t much of a personality but only physic and power.

2. Kelly Kelly

Worst WWE Stars

Kelly was only 19 years old when WWE hired her. She wasn’t actually qualified for her acting but for her energy and physical attraction. By taking a look at her career, we come to know that she debuted as an exhibitionist, but didn’t give her best acting performance. She lacked professional expressions on her face whenever she entered the ring.

1. Brock Lesnar

Worst WWE Stars

Brock Lesnar has had been a great athlete of WWE. He was a really impressive person and powerful wrestler. What he hadn’t the professional acting skills. He’s done some backstage attacks, but it never seemed that he is carrying a segment. In fact, he failed to act naturally during his run in 2002-2004.

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