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5 reasons why Melatonin 10 mg can make you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer

Melatonin is a hormone that is produced by the pineal gland. It helps the human beings fall asleep. Though it is naturally produced in the body, many people take it as a supplement to aid in the sleep. The commercially made melatonin is similar to natural one chemically. The question arises that is 10mg melatonin safe for consumption?

It has been in the use for three decades now, and the effects of the drug have been studied widely. The one thing that is generally admitted when it comes to 10 mg melatonin is that it is the perfect supplement to use if the body is suffering from the effects of jet lag, or uncertain work schedule or the disorder in the rhythm of sleep.

It is not the treatment for general insomnia, and too high dosage is strictly forbidden by the doctors. The temporary problems can be treated really well with this supplement. The effect of the high dosage is that it will stop having any effect on the body after a few days. In moderate dosages, this drug is very useful and is widely used in the world over to relax the body and refreshing the mind.

Melatonin 10 mg

Sleep disorder is a common problem suffered by many people all over the world. People look for various aids to make sure that they get a sound sleep. The melatonin 10 mg is one such aid that is much in vogue around the world. Melatonin is closely related to natural sleep cycle of the body. The natural production of the hormone in the body is augmented by the intake of the capsules. If a body does not get proper sleep, there is a loss of energy and deterioration in the person’s mood. The question that is 10mg melatonin safe is answered by a big yes and the way it can help the body is manifold. The top five ways have been discussed in here.

Below Are The Top 5 reasons why Melatonin 10 mg can make you fall asleep faster You Should Check Out in 2017!

1. To cure occasional sleep disorder

There can be occasional sleeplessness experienced by the body due to a number of factors like jet lag and work pressure. The melatonin 10 mg helps in curing the body of the tiredness induced lack of sleep. The body stays agitated when it is too tired, and the sleep just does not come. You will get rid of the problems of tossing and turning in bed but not getting any sleep in all of the night. The body will get relaxed when there is an addition of the chemicals of the capsules along with the secretion of natural hormones. The temporary problem of sleep disorder is completely taken care of by the supplements.

2. Improving the quality of sleep

The 10 mg melatonin can significantly improve the quality of sleep of a person. You will sleep much faster than before. You will notice that taking the puritan’s pride melatonin daily will make you sleep for a longer time than you did earlier. There is the common complaint that people have is that they cannot sleep for any time longer than an hour or two at night. Eight hours of sleep is a must for the proper functioning of the body. The pills help in the body in getting sleep of the proper duration so that it can work properly and coherently in the next morning.

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3. Effect on the blood pressure levels

Studies have proved that taking melatonine 10 mg capsules before going to bed at night helps in keeping the blood pressure in check. It does not let the pressure rise or fall to abnormal levels which are good news for the patients with the complaint of fluctuating blood pressure. The blood pressure stays in the normal range. Thus in this way, intake of the puritan’s pride melatonin helps in giving the person a sound sleep and calm mood. The supplement containing the drug melatonin is therefore highly preferred by those suffering from the problem of high or low blood pressure.

4. Support the health of the eyes

The melatonine 10 mg causes an improvement in the eye health. There are strong antioxidants in the capsules that can treat the age-related problems of the eyes like those of macular degeneration. Taking the drug for a period of over 24 months has proved to reduce the symptoms and the effects of macular degeneration. The 10 mg of melatonin helps in the protection of the retinas. The best part about this tablet that come in the pack of either 60 or 120 tablets is that there are no side effects to using this product on a daily basis. It is recommended to be had at nights before sleeping.

5. The secretion of growth hormones

The scientific fact associated with sound sleep is that it helps in the secretion of growth hormones. The 10 mg of melatonin in the young men and women helps in increasing the growth levels. The melatonin helps in the increase in the secretion of hormones from the pituitary gland- the gland that is responsible for the secretion of the growth hormone in the body. The natural release of the growth hormone at night is augmented by the intake of the melatonin 10mg capsules. Both high and low dosages have an effect on the growth of the body as seen by the latest researches.

Use of melatonin in the treatment of depression
Seasonal depression, also known as “winter blues” is a common disorder seen in the adults. The melatonin 10mg capsules help in the treatment of the sleep cycles. It has been seen that seasonal depression occurs as a result of continuous light or restless sleep. The taking up of the drugs ensures that there is no disturbance in sleep and this way the depression is cured gradually but steadily. There are further studies going on in this matter to ensure to what extent the substance can be used to treat depression. If it is found that the drug has effects on the cure of more diseases than just the known ones, then it can be used in medicines.