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Top 10 Memorable Gift Ideas for Christmas

It’s no secret that everyone begins the December month in a bit of a panic – especially when it comes down to all the special gifts you have to buy. Whether you’re involved with a long-term partner, you’re from a large family with lots of siblings or you’re in a big and generous friend group, finding a memorable gift for Christmas can be trialing to say the least.

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Steering clear of the usual Christmas socks, kitchen appliance, or merino wool jumper is surprisingly easier than you may think. With a variety of Christmas gift ideas for both online shopping and in-store shopping, there is no shortage of unique ideas that will make your gift stand out under the Christmas tree.

1. The world of subscriptions

Enter the world of subscriptions this holiday season. No matter what bizarre interest your friend or partner has, there’s a subscription to go with it. This is the perfect last-minute gift solution and can be ordered online on Christmas Eve if need be. A magazine subscription can be a wonderful monthly surprise through your door. If they’re literally inclined, find out what style publications they like and then sign them up.

In cases where you’re not entirely sure what their interests are, flowers are always a great call. Some flower subscription services allow you to choose a certain aesthetic such as rustic or vintage and others may suggest a random assortment every month depending on what they find in the local flower markets. Other notable subscriptions include craft beer, locally produced food items, beauty products, or animal goods.

2. A special timepiece

If you’re looking for something a bit more lasting that will make a big impression, a watch is always a good option. Choose a favorite brand or a certain style and perhaps make it more personal and get an engraving. Brands such as IWC have a large variety of styles that cover a wide price range.

3. Concert tickets

Regardless of how musical your friend is, a concert ticket is always a wonderful gift. Being that perfect mix of something to look forward to and something to do together, you can always find the right gig to take that special person to.

4. DIY gifts

Handmade gifts beneath the Christmas tree are always a very nice touch. Knowing that someone sat at home crafting with you in mind, is a lovely thought. Whether it’s a homemade hamper, a selection of candles, jewelry, or your very own Christmas calendar, you’ll be sure to get brownie points for effort.

5. An Amazon spree

For those big Amazon fans, you may already be aware of the weird and wonderful corners of the online platform. For perhaps a quirkier option, let yourself get carried away and keep scrolling through the endless lists. We’ve already chosen some of the craziest Amazon gifts that will be guaranteed a chuckle.

6. Unique activities

From pottery classes to wine tasting sessions, have a look at what sort of unusual activities your surrounding area is offering – you may be pleasantly surprised. Perhaps you’ve already discussed your partner’s bucket list, or you may have a good idea of some of the top things they want to do before they die. Either way, help your partner out with their bucket list!

7. Ethical options

Choose a gift that gives back this Christmas. Whether it’s with a charitable organization that donates something every time a product is bought, or if it’s a sponsorship with a worthwhile charity that your special someone particularly likes, there are plenty of options with a number of outstanding organizations that will bring back some meaning to Christmas.

8. Festival tickets

Despite summer being quite far away, festival tickets are always good to consider before the warm months. Festivals now come in all shapes and sizes and can include anything from music, art and crafts, to gardening, beer and fireworks. Get your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

9. The gift of travel

If you’re really stuck, the gift of travel is almost always unbeatable. Why not consider an airline voucher to help your friend or loved one reach their desired destination. This is the one gift that you can guarantee will never be wasted.

10. Wellness

A wellness gift is a good idea around Christmas time. With the stress of planning and organizing, sometimes all anyone wants is a bit of alone time and a massage. Look into what your local wellness center has on offer and allow your friend to put their feet up for the day.