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Nice Cloud, Bro: 5 Awesome Vaping Tricks You Need to Learn

There’s plenty to love about vaping, including its awesome look. Step it up even more with these cool and impressive vape tricks anyone can learn.

Sure, we all know about the numerous health advantages vaping has over smoking. Vaping is cleaner, safer, and better for the environment, but that’s not all.

Vaping is also a million times cooler. With vaping completely taking over the planet in the last ten years, an entire subculture has formed around it. Vaping is about more than just the satisfaction, it’s also a statement and a form of entertainment.

If you’re tired of fading into the background at parties, you’ll need to learn some sick vape tricks to impress your squad. Some are easier than others, but all of them will blow people away.

Without further ado, here five awesome vaping tricks you need to learn.

Vape Tricks Essentials: The French Inhale

If you want to know how to do vape tricks, this is the place to start. The French Inhale is something every vaper should learn. It’s one of the most popular tricks in the game and a great place to start if you’re looking for easy vape tricks.

Simply keep the vapor trapped in your mouth by biting on your tongue. Then you slowly open your mouth to let it gradually seep out. While this is happening, push your bottom lip out, then inhale through your nose.

It will give the awesome effect of you doing a “reverse waterfall” of vape clouds.

The Ghost Inhale

The ghost inhale involves a lot of vapor being held in your mouth, so is best done with a super tasty vape such as the strawberry juice at jam monster. Once you have it, simply take a big drag. See more of such tips here to select the best flavors that you like.

Keep it in your mouth for five seconds, then open your mouth to slowly release it. Once enough have poured out, take a sharp breath back in to create the mushroom effect.

The Tornado

The Tornado became a viral sensation a couple of years back, simply because it looks dope.

Find a flat surface and position yourself a couple of feet above it. Once you’ve taken a really big drag, immediately blow all of it out onto the flat surface below you.

The next step it to “chop up” the cloud with your fingers in a rapid motion. Once you’ve done this, use two fingers to swirl the vape into a tornado. This one requires speed and agility to pull off.

The Bull Ring

The bullring is one of the trickier smoke effects out there. The goal is to make it look like you have a ring through your nose, one made entirely of vapor, so it’ll take a few tries to get right.

Before starting, you’ll need to know how to blow O shapes. Once you’ve got this down, all you need to do is blow a thick, medium-sized O.

Quickly inhale the top part of the ring through your nostrils and you’ll have the desired effect.

The Jellyfish

This is famously one of the most difficult vaping tricks out there, so don’t sweat it if you don’t get it right first try. Blow a large O shape, then use your hand to slowly push it down.

Then gently exhale a big vapor cloud through the ring without breaking it. It should look like a vape jellyfish if you get it right, which will definitely blow away your friends.

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