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Top 6 paul sebastian Women’s Perfumes – Best Men’s Cologne 2017

Why paul sebastian Fragrance is the best for him or her?

Founded by Leonard Paul Cuozzo and Alan Sebastian Greco of New Jersey the Paul Sebastian fragrances represent global flavor. The first fragrance for the company was marketed in the year 1979 captioned Paul Sebastian Fine Cologne. Initially supplied only to three stores in New Jersey the paul sebastian perfumes became so popular that it was expanded to numerous other stores in next to no time.

First scent for women was introduced by Paul Sebastian in 1985 and the men’s counterpart was launched in 1995. In the same year the company launched casual scent series for both men as well as women. However the original owners transferred the company to FFI Fragrances in 1999. FFI still continues to market Paul Sebastian fragrances.

Paul Sebastian fragrances are considered to be refined, spicy, aromatic, and subtle in nature. They were popular due to providing the blend of lavender, jasmine, musk, rose, sage, and amber and were recommended for evening wear. It represents the time of origin exceptionally and adds a touch of sophistication and class.

Beautiful bottle and excellent packaging also adds to the value and popularity of the product substantially. It combines aesthetic matching with the delicate aroma exerted by the perfumes that makes the product perfect for classy people in either gender.

Below Are The Top 6 paul sebastian Perfumes For Women and Best Fragrance or Cologne For Men You Should Check Out!

1. Casual Perfume lets you enjoy irresistible attraction

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Released in 1995 by Paul Sebastian, Casual Perfume is a well-rounded floral fragrance that makes them look at you. Its captivating formulation combines romantic rose, seductive heliotrope, lily-of-the-valley, jasmine and ylang-ylang making it a cute women fragrance for intimate occasions and formal meetings as well.

2. Tribecca Perfume: A fragrance to enrich your collection

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Tribecca Perfume for women carries the legacy of the house of Paul Sebastian. This dazzling fragrance is the heart throb of the fashionable women. Combining notes of spicy fruits and orchids, this oriental fragrance evokes a touch of sensuality for using as a daytime wear.

3. Funky Sexy Cool Perfume lives up to the name

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Funky Sexy Cool Perfume by Paul Sebastian had its debut in 2004. This flirty feminine fragrance has been a hot pick for the mischievous twist in its formulation containing honeysuckle, peach, orange blossom, and lilac. It yields a sensual fragrance to turn many heads.

4. Paul Sebastian Cologne: A perfect option for the confident men

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Paul Sebastian Cologne has a bold character that reveals your masculinity. It combines blend of citrus and floral notes with musk and amber, to deliver a refined fragrance. You can wear it at the office and for dinning out in the evening.

5. Design Cologne: An addictive and invigorating fragrance

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Design Cologne is an enticing masculine fragrance created by Paul Sebastian. This possesses a nice blend of the notes of tuberose, orange blossom and peach, jasmine and honeysuckle making it a bold scent without overpowering. You can wear this for any event you like.

6. Casual Cologne has everything to be your signature fragrance

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Casual Cologne for men by Paul Sebastian is a refreshing masculine fragrance. It is a nice blend of energizing fruity notes with aromatic woody notes delivering a fascinating scent that leaves a nice trail. This is perfect for everyday use in all seasons.