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Top primitive technology video in YouTube

Here is a video that will teach you about making use of primitive technology and primitive tools. The first thing that you will need is a place to stay. This video gives you details of how to make a crude hut with the use of primitive life skills. Survival in jungle depends on how you put your primitive skills to the test. Building a survival hut is the first step. Here, you will get an idea of making a makeshift hut out of nothing but saplings which are 2.75 m long. This video will answer all your questions related to “how to build a hut in the woods.” Once the structure of the hut is done, you can add tall grass or other reeds to shield the interiors from the natural elements. You can keep these natural curtains in place by tying the reeds with long and narrow leaves of trees.

Once you have mastered the primary primitive life skills and succeeded in building a survival hut, you must try to tame fire with a handmade furnace. An important aspect of this furnace it makes use of natural air flow to keep the fire burning. First you need to make a circular base for the Furnace with clay. Then keep on adding more clay cakes to increase the height of the furnace. Do not forget to keep an opening for the natural air flow to enter this furnace. A primitive fireplace will come in handy for primitive survival if you are stranded in the middle of the jungle. With the assistance of primitive skills, you can fashion primitive technology to meet your requirements, by using primitive tools. The crude furnace will not only assist in cooking, but is your main weapon for keeping enemies at bay.

In case you want to gather information about how to build a hut in the woods with survival skills, then this video will come in handy. First you need to cut down some three to gather fiber that will be mixed with clay. Once you have kneaded the clay with water well, add the palm fibers and mix again. It will give strength to the clay bricks. Once you have made the bricks, you can dry them in the sum or use the furnace fire to bake the cakes. These are also part of crude survival skills, which will assist one to succeed at survival in jungle. It is better to bake the mud bricks in the furnace. You can use these to make a shelter. In this video, the clay bricks have the dimension of 25 x 12.5 x 7.5. It will be better to fashion some molds to ease the entire process. It will also ensure that the clay bricks are equal in dimension.

In case you want something that is more robust than a crude reed hut, then you need to opt for a wooden shelter. A shelter made of wood will aid your primitive survival experiment. For succeeding in primitive living, you need to answer how to survive in the jungle. In this video, you will see how this man only makes use of sharp rocks to cut wooden branches. These long branches will be the framework of the hut. First he digs the ground at four corners and fixes four strong poles. Then he creates the rest of the framework. Depending on the size of the wooden shelter, you will need wooden poles. Fixing branches in between the main poles will assist in making the framework for supporting the roof and walls. For tying the poles and the branches, he makes use of leaves, which have a long structure. These will keep the wooden structure from falling.

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Primitive Technology & Wilderness Survival Skills – Build Treehouse in Forest (Part 02), Roof & Wall

To succeed at the primitive survival, one must ensure personal safety. It can be achieved with a strong house. With the use of tools and creative ideas, you can handle the question of how to survive in the jungle. A wooden house will not be complete if it does not have strong roof or walls. This video will teach you how one can create a sturdy roof for this house with things you will get in the jungle. The man cuts grass and reeds, which will function as the base material. Then he weaves them on to a narrow wooden strip so that it takes the form of a curtain. Once all such curtains are ready, he places them on the wooden framework to form the roof. The more layers of grass curtain you use, the more secure will be your thatched roof.
To conclude, one must oversee the last two videos as they will assist in securing a shelter in the wilderness. In case you need to make a house all by yourself, without any modern technology, the lesson gathered from these two videos will save your life from natural elements.