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The Top 10 Pop Songs of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was one of the most iconic singers in our recent history until he passed away on June 25, 2009. His songs stretch over the decades due to their greatness. Many people, remember both his earliest days on the radio and obviously his more recent hits. With over 50 years on the charts, is it any wonder that some of his most popular songs are still alive and well with his fans, even though he has already passed on? Just take a look as some of the top 10 songs of Michael Jackson’s career.

Michael Jackson

10. The Girl is Mine

This song was released back in 1982. It was a duet with none other than Paul McCartney and was originally the first release off Jackson’s most popular “Thriller” album which may come as a surprise to some people.

9. ABC

Before Michael sang solo and made other songs, he was a big part of the Jackson5. ABC was released in April 1970 and pushed the Beatles off their number one spot.

8. I Want You Back

Released in Jan 1970 this was also one of the many contributions to pop radio that Michael was a part of. Jackson was only 11-years-old at the time.

7. Man in the Mirror

The release date on this one was back in 1988 and it also reached the Hot 100 list and topped out at number one. It regained some of his past popularity again during the year that followed his death.

6. Dancing Machine

Even the title is intriguing in this 1974 track which only made it to the top two spot on the Hot 100. This was due mostly in part to the fact that Ray Stevens currently held the number one spot and held steady there with the “Streak”.

5. Rock with You

In January 1980 Michael Jackson reached number four with this single. It made it all the way up to number four and helped him earn the top singles artist award.

4. I’ll Be There

Five weeks at number one on the charts should go to prove exactly how successful he was. It was released by him the rest of the Jackson 5 in October 1970.

3. Billie Jean

Billie Jean topped the charts for a total of seven weeks back in 1983. It was also one of the better enjoyed sons on the “Thriller” album.

2. Say Say Say

It may have only spent six weeks on the Hot list back in 1963 but that does not make it any less valuable to those who have a strong desire to learn all bout Michael

1. Beat It

With a bad boy attitude and an album named thriller, we have the number one best song of all time. This song is still perhaps one of the most popular songs of all time for Michael Jackson.

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Whether you are reflecting on a life that has already came and gone or you are simply hoping to enjoy she of the best music from the past, the top 10 pop songs of Michael Jackson be there to help you get a better start. So give in to your urge and enjoy some Michael tonight. Show him why his songs are the most popular.