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The top foods you need to eat to gain weight

Everyone is talking about losing weight, and shedding annoying pounds has become the new buzzword for maintaining fitness. It definitely happens easier for some people than others, and many people have a hard time losing those pounds for the sake of their health.

However, when it comes to gaining pounds, information is not really there, and you may think you need to resort to easting unhealthy food so that you gain weight. However, you do not need to do this – aside from being dangerous to your long term health, it ignores the basics of what makes someone gain weight and maintain it at certain limits. Thereare many foods you can consume to achieve this purpose aside from consuming fulvic supplements, and here are some of them.

Protein smoothies (homemade)

These are a highly nutritious method of gaining weight, not to mention being quick and efficient. It is even better to drink a homemade smoothie as opposed to buying a commercially made one – these tend to be full of sugar, and they also lack important nutrients. Making it at home also allows you to control the nutrient content and sugar levels it contains.

The variants you make should always include a healthy mix of protein and carbohydrates (mainly from fruits). The milk you use can be either the normal milk from the store or alternatives such as almond milk (if you are lactose intolerant). These include vanilla berry shakes, chocolate, banana and nut shake, caramel apple shake, chocolate hazelnut shake, and vanilla blueberry shakes.

Whatever smoothie you make will have an average of 400 to 600 calories, in addition to the minerals, vitamins and proteins they provide.


For many years, milk has been the sure muscle builder or weight gainer, which is also why it is very prominent in protein smoothies. This is because it gives you a very good mix of carbs, proteins, as well as fats. It also gives you high amounts of calcium, and other minerals and vitamins.

If you are looking to add muscle, you need to increase your protein intake – and milk is a good source of that, since it gives both whey and casein proteins. When you combine that with weight lifting, it can assist you add muscle faster and aid in recovery when you exercise.

Additional studies have also shown that milk proves to add muscle mass, much more than other sources of protein. You can take one or two glasses after and before your workouts, or just as a snack.


You may be surprised to see this on the list, since you know it is a source of starch. However, that is not the only thing rice gives you; it is also a very convenient source of calories. In fact, one cup alone will give your body 43 grams of carbohydrates, and 190 calories.

The fact remains that rice is very calorie-dense. This means single servings will give you a very high amount of calories and carbs. If you particularly struggle with a poor appetite, or you tend to get full very quickly, rice can help you get the nutrients you need without struggling to eat heavier foods.

It also goes well with other foods, and you can prepare it in advance then microwave it when you need it. However, you should be careful about the amounts you consume – do not eat too much, mainly because of the phytic acid and arsenic content. These can easily lead to toxicity (in the case of arsenic) or reducing the ability of the body to absorb iron and zinc (in the case of phytic acid).

Nut butters and nuts

If you are looking for a snack to help you gain weight quickly, these are the perfect solution. For instance, a small handful of almonds will provide 18 grams of healthy fats and more than seven grams of protein.

Similar to rice, they are very nutrient dense, so you do not need to consume much of them within a day. A maximum of two handfuls is enough, and you can either eat them with your meals or as snacks. You can also add nut butters to your dishes and snacks like yogurts and smoothies.

However, when you get nut butters, make sure to select those that are 100% butters, and they must not contain extra oils or additional sugars.

Red meat

Forget the bad rep that is associated with these; they are among the best foods you can consume to build muscle. An instance is steak; it has three grams of leucine (an essential amino acid) for every six oz. of meat (or 170 grams). Your body will use leucine to build new muscle tissue and kick start synthesis of muscle protein.

Creatine is another nutrient that red meat has in abundance, and this amino acid is heavily featured in the best muscle building supplements.

When selecting the meat, consider choosing the fattier cuts. These will give your body a greater amount of calories compared to leaner meat. These can help you add the calories you are consuming and add your overall weight.

Starches and potatoes

In addition to rice, these are an excellent and cost-effective way of adding calories to your diet. If you want sources of high and healthy carbohydrates, consider consuming quinoa, buckwheat, corn, oats, squash, sweet potatoes and potatoes, legumes, as well as beans.

These sources of starch, as well as potatoes, will do more than just helping you gain weight – they will also add your body’s glycogen stores. This means they give you high energy to do most aerobic activities like sports.

These foods will also give you high amounts of fiberand important nutrients, including resistant starch. This assists your body to replace the bacteria in your gut when they die, therefore contributing to improveddigestion of food and excretion of wastes.

Final thoughts

It is a good idea to lose weight, but there is not much information out there for people seeking to gain weight. You do not need to consume unhealthy food just to get there, as you can explore numerous healthy options and maintain the long term health of your body.