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Things to Consider Before You Buy a Chainsaw

Chainsaw is a widely used power tool for cutting trees, limbing, pruning, and bucking. It is a portable mechanical saw which does not require too much physical power to cut heavy wooden objects. The job requires minimal man power and you can finish it quicker than using a simple saw.

Yes, it is a very useful power tool and its requirements are pretty high in the market. Many power tool brands are manufacturing and selling different chainsaw models. Choosing a right chainsaw can be a daunting task because there are too many impressive options. Consider the following things and you will get what your work actually demands.

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Why do you need a chainsaw?

Know your purpose behind buying a chainsaw and you will easily eliminate unwanted models. If you are a typical homeowner, you might use that power tool only for light cutting jobs. You might need this tool cut logs and planks only two-three times in a year. Therefore, you should consider buying an electric chainsaw. Suppose you are a beginning professional and going to work in the woods, you should consider buying a gas-powered chainsaw. Consider a model equipped with at least a 45cc engine. You can go for a higher variant for more power and better performance.

The engine power:

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Chainsaws, equipped with gasoline powered engines are considered the best in terms of power and performance. The engine size of such chainsaws is measured in cubic centimeters or cc. The power of the engine increases as CC gets higher. A 22cc to 45cc engine chainsaw would be a great choice for you if you are a typical homeowner. You will need a chainsaw with higher CC engine if you are going to use this tool on jobsites. You must choose a gas powered chainsaw with higher cubic centimeters engine if you are going to use this tool daily for cutting, pruning, bucking, etc.

The electric powered chainsaws are also gaining people’s attention for their power and performance. Their motor power is measured in amps. The electric-powered chainsaws can be available with motors ranging from 8 amps to 15 amps. The higher the number of amps would the better that chainsaw will perform. A 15 amp motor equipped chainsaw can easily generate up to 2.4 bhp. Its performance would be similar to a 45cc engine equipped gas powered chainsaw. Consider both types of chainsaws when planning to buy a new one because both are effective under different circumstances.

What bar size is perfect for your jobs?

 It is chainsaw’s bar that performs the cutting job and that’s why it is important to choose a chainsaw with a right bar size. A chainsaw’s bar size is measured from its powerhead to the tip of the bar. The bar size can range between 6” and 42”. An chainsaw with bar size up to 20” would be perfect for DIY jobs. You can easily cut a log twice the size of the bar in diameter if you apply the right cutting technique.

As a newbie professional you must know that how to choose the bar size. The experts suggest that your chainsaw’s bar size should be just 2” longer than the diameter of logs you are going to cut with it. A longer bar can cause troubles while cutting a large log and therefore you should keep this rule in your mind while choosing the bar size.

Safety features:

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Chainsaw is a great tool to play if you are a novice user. A little negligence can cause a serious injury. Accidents can take place anytime when you are using a chainsaw and the manufacturing brands know it. Therefore, the leading power tool brands are equipping their chainsaws with multiple safety features to prevent injuries. Visit Verellenhc and check the best chainsaw models to evaluate their safety features. That’s how you can pick a chainsaw equipped with the best safety features.

Where are you going to use this power tool?

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The selection of the right chainsaw also depends on where you are going to use this tool. An electric powered chainsaw can also be a great choice if you are going to use this tool around your home. Professionals would seek gasoline powered chainsaws for better power, mobility, portability, and performance. This tool makes too much noise while in operation. So, know the rules regarding the use of power tools in your region and then choose a right chainsaw that compiles the power tool usage guidelines.

The price:

Different chainsaws with different features and functions cost different price. A feature-rich and top class chainsaw can easily cost hundreds of dollars. You should not spend such a large amount of money if you are not going to use it on a daily basis. An affordable chainsaw with necessary safety features and great performance can meet all your needs. You should first consider the job requirements and then set a budget to pick a right chainsaw.


The reliability of power tools depends totally upon how reliable the brand is. You can find chainsaws produced by some popular power tool brands and chainsaws produced by some new brands. It might be difficult for you to recognize a reliable brand if you are a first time buyer. You should Visit Verellenhc to check the reviews of the best chainsaw models. This platform offers comprehensive reviews of the most reliable chainsaws for homeowners and professionals. Thus, buying a right chainsaw would be a much easier job than considering all the given factors on your own.

Final thoughts:

Verellenhc is offering detailed reviews of power tools such as leaf blowers and chainsaws. Its purpose is to prevent users from buying poor quality tools which may not offer long-lasting service. It is not feasible for anybody to buy a poor quality tool that consumes a lot of power or gas and still performs badly on the jobsite. Therefore, you must check expert reviews and user reviews before you decide to buy a chainsaw or any other power tool online.