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Today’s Top Signs You Need Home Furnace Repair

Owning a home is complicated. The heating system is just one thing that can go wrong. If it does, here are the signs you need furnace repair.

With summer around the corner and some cities heating up to over 100 degrees on a daily basis, it’s easy to neglect maintaining your furnace. Unfortunately though, once temperatures start to cool down in August, you’ll wish you had since your furnace won’t be ready to help you through winter.

That’s not to say that all units out there are in need of furnace repair. To find out if your furnace is, see if any of the below situations or symptoms sound familiar.

  1. It’s Been Over a Year Since Your Furnace Has Been Looked At

If you have an automated HVAC system, it’s recommended that a professional do routine maintenance on it on an annual basis. This maintenance typically includes duct cleaning, filter changes and similar tasks.

Even if you don’t have a high-tech HVAC and instead just have a standalone furnace, maintenance on an annual basis is still a good idea.

Furnaces can leak gas and even cause fires. Having a professional look yours over can help you get ahead of dangerous issues that may arise later on.

  1. You Notice a Gas Smell

One of the most important signs to watch out for that should tell you to seek furnace repair is the smell of gas. Not all furnaces are gas powered (some use electric) but those that do can create serious safety hazards if not properly dealt with.

Fortunately, gas from furnaces is detectable to your nose. If you smell something funny, shut off your furnace, keep fire away from it, turn off your gas line and seek furnace repair in your area right away.

  1. Odd Noises

As furnaces get older, they become more prone to mechanical hiccups that can produce odd noises.

Maybe a vent is clogged which is causing a wispy noise. Maybe one of your furnace’s belts has snapped and a clanking noise is emanating from its body.

No matter what the case is for your furnace, if you’re noticing noises that weren’t there before, shut off your system and call for help. The sooner that you’re able to remedy the issue, the lower the chance is that you’ll run into bigger problems later on.

  1. Air Pressure Has Reduced

When your furnace was brand new, you may have enjoyed its ability to heat up a space lightening-fast. Unfortunately, as time goes by, the rate at which furnaces can circulate heat reduces.

Much of this decreased performance is due to duct issues which can be fixed quickly by a professional.

  1. Your Utility Bill Has Skyrocketed

A poorly maintained furnace is an expensive one. If you haven’t called a professional in to check your unit out for fear of spending money, chances are you’re spending much more than the cost of a check-up on increased utility bills.

Keep an eye on your gas bill and if you notice it going up without you increasing your use of heat, it’s time to call in a pro.

Wrapping Up Signs You Need Home Furnace Repair

If your furnace is exhibiting any of the signs that we’ve laid out above, don’t delay in calling in a furnace repair professional. Every second wasted could equal an extra dollar needing to get spent to deal with worsening problems.

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