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Top 30 tom ford Women’s Perfumes – Best Men’s Cologne 2017

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Why tom ford Fragrance is the best for him or her?

Tom Ford fragrances are true representatives of light in dark. An example is the Tom Ford Noir Anthracite that combines the brilliant notes of bergamot as well spice against black wood. Dual characteristics of dynamic tension between different notes and also in make render the tom ford perfumes unique and highly popular.

Design of the fragrances are highly innovative and made with highly contrasting elements like high-shine glare and grey metals as well as the black veins of the macassar that is poured into primal nights. When it comes to innovative elegance and décor through contrasting elements; few can match with Tom Ford.

Originally lead designer for the famous fashion company Gucci, Tom Ford later joined Saint Laurent. It was in the year 2005 that Ford decided to open his own fashion empire and also started producing great fragrances for men and women. Perfumes created for women and cologne created for men by the company was very successful.

Most popular fragrances created by Tom Ford include Black Orchid, White Patchouli, and Grey Vetiver. The company earned great fame when its exclusive women perfume Violet Blonde won the best luxury fragrances for women in the Fifi Awards. They have an extensive collection of highly designer and attractive fragrances for men and women.

Below Are The Top 30 tom ford Perfumes For Women andBest Fragrance or Cologne For Men You Should Check Out!

1. Feel fresh with Black Orchid perfume

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Black orchid by Tom Ford is a smooth fragrance blending black currant, black truffle, French jasmine, and citrus. Launched in 2006 this scent uniquely fuses floral and fruit flavors. Whether it be a dancing night or a quiet date with your boyfriend, Black orchid caters to all occasions throughout the spectrum.

2. That memorable night wearing Tom Ford Velvet Orchid perfume

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Velvet orchid by Tom Ford is a fragrance released in 2014 for the sophisticated woman. Created using Italian bergamot, mandarin, honey, Turkish Rose and rum succan absolute, this is a perfume that should be present in every woman’s wardrobe. So, what are you waiting for? Add this gem to your collection of fragrances as soon as possible.

3. Be spellbound by White Patchouli Perfume

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In the enviable collection of Tom Ford fragrances, White Patchouli Perfume is a unique blend. Launched in 2008, this perfume is an amalgam of citrusy bergamot, rose, peony, sweet white flowers and spicy coriander. If you want to flirt your way to other’s sense of smell, then this aroma is a must have in your collection.

4. Tease your olfactory senses using Tom Ford Noir Perfume

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Tom Ford Noir is a perfume that has multiple blends of fragrances to make a lasting impression on whoever gets to experience its aroma. The core ingredients of rose, fresh orange blossom and kulfi are distinctive and can be readily separated from the crowd. So, if it’s a social gathering or some quiet time with your friends, you can always count on Tom Ford Noir perfume.

5. Tell your story with Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Acqua

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Created in 2011, Tom Ford Neroli Portofino acqua, is a perfume that has the top notes of citrusy ingredients that pave their way to floral components. Finally, the aroma of amber, angelica, and mellow musk leaves you craving for more. So if you are looking smart in formals or cool in casuals, you can always wear this fragrance.

6. Feel feminine with Tom Ford Orchid Soleil perfume

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If you like gardens in springtime, this scent is for you. Who can ignore the light freshness of the air at that time of the year. The core notes comprise of fleshy tuberose and salty-spicy red lily. Tom Ford Orchid Soleil Perfume was released in 2016, and it appeals to the feminine nature of every woman.

7. Be mesmerized by Tom Ford Noir de Noir perfume

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Tom Ford Noir de Noir is a scent that can leave an impression on an individual as soon as it is breathed in. It is a sophisticated and warm. It is designed for both men and women making it a product to keep in your house. Noir de Noir was created in 2007 and has a linear composition.

8. Sophisticated and Warm Tom Ford White Suede

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Tom Ford White Suede is a statement of sophistication and elegance. The notes of this perfume are distinctive and flirty.It leaves an impression wherever you go. Designed in 2009, this perfume is a must have in your collection. Feel good about yourself and emanate that to others from day to night.

9. Woody Tom Ford Tobacco Oud perfume

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Tom Ford tobacco Oud perfume is a woody scent with tobacco and sandalwood among its ingredients. If you want to create an impression which is unconventional and unique to an individual, this perfume is for you. Designed in 2013 this perfume has lots of users who are satisfied and who recommend the same.

10. Day or Night Tom Ford Café Rose Perfume

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Introduced in 2012, this perfume can either be used at day or night. If you want to express your feminine side, this perfume can be one of your best friends. This fragrance is earthy, spicy floral and appeals to one looking for an exotic taste. A wise person will definitely purchase this aroma for their collection.

11. Woody Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu

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Tom Ford is a renowned designer who released the Patchouli Absolu in 2014.The perfume is a woody perfume manufactured from various forms of leather, leaves, and wood. If you are planning for a night out, you can wear this perfume for any occasion. It can be carried by both men and women making it extremely popular with adults.

12. Debonair turns Coltish Tom Ford Oud Fleur Cologne

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This 2013 token from Tom Ford is perfect in praising the playfulness of the Adams. The mix of agarwood with rose gives birth to a splash which is impeccable in making the manly mood for fun. The effect over the docile mind is too a conjuring one. The zest lingers in both hearts and the environ.

13. Airy and light Tom Ford Mandarino di Amalfi acqua

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Tom Ford released this perfume in 2017.To understand the scent, you must understand the Amalfi Cliffsides and bright tranquillity of the bucolic land. How the air scented with mint, thyme and wildflowers slowly makes its way to fuse with the warm breeze of night blooming flowers. Such freshness is soaked in this perfume for you to put on.

14. Woody Aromatic Tom Ford Costa Azzurra

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Tom Ford Costa Azzurra is a woody aromatic fragrance for both men and women. Top notes are woody, middle notes are citrus, and base notes are gourmand. Costa Azzurra was launched in 2014.If you want to display elegance and carry yourself with panache, this perfume is a ‘must have’ for you.

15. Smooth and sensual Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge

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Released in 2011 Tom Ford Jasmin Rouge is a soft, sensual exuberant spicy floral fragrance. Notes of jasmine are mixed with spices, making an erotic blend. If you want to present someone with a gift or use this perfume for your own needs, this is a fantastic option to consider. Get yours now.

16. Flirty and fun Tom Ford Jasmine Musk perfume

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If you are fun and flirty, Jasmine Musk suits your personality very well.If you want a light fragrance and the heavier blend is not suitable for the occasion, this perfume is the answer. The scent is based on the jasmine,ylang ylang, sandalwood, vanilla with hints of musk combination. Get yours soon.

17. Bold and beautiful Tom Ford Santal Blush

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Tom Ford Santal Blush was released in 2011.This fragrance is enchanting, glamorous, exotic woody, mysterious and spicy. It is topped by the creamy notes of sandalwood and spices with rich floral and woody tones. Whether it be an office meeting or a birthday party, you can opt for Santal Blush.

18. Fresh and Sweet Tom Ford Velvet Gardenia

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Tom Ford created a Private blend collection and released at 2007.With floral and citrus blends this perfume is meant for the fresh and sweet individuals. The base of this fragrance is woody. If worn regularly this scent can create a lasting impression from the beginning of daytime to late at night.

19. Glamorous and Sophisticated Violet Blonde

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Tom Ford had released his Signature collection of fragrances in 2011.This perfume forms a part of his makeup line. Violet Blonde is a glamorous and sophisticated perfume made of a violet leaf with earthy musk and fiery pink pepper and a few other ingredients to create a combination that cannot be duplicated.

20. Masculine Tom Ford Noir Extreme

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Tom Ford’s Noir Extreme evaluates a new dimension of Noir Man. An amber drowned, oriental woody fragrance with a luscious and delectable heart, Noir Extreme relishes that part of a man which dares to be extraordinary. Tom Ford is the face of this campaign which was released in 2015 and still continues to grow.

21. Rugged Appeal Tom Ford Noir Cologne

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For highlighting the many moods of the Adams, the brand of Tom Ford introduced in 2012 this dapper aroma. The spray is the fruit of union between the violet flower and the jazzy pink peeper. It obliges the dame in the corner to take notice of the macho wearer and is fit for both decorous and leisurely phases.

22. Garnished Vigor Tom Ford Cologne

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The coveted manly uprightness is flawlessly depicted by this 2007 token of the mark Tom Ford. The integrity of the mandarin orange and the pep of the lemon leaf crafts a drizzle which stuns an Eve-ly cognizance with the required conjure. Either on a tennis tea-party or at a client meeting, this turgid incense is the right elect.

23. Oomph of Prowess Tuscan Leather Cologne

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With this 2007 neat aroma, the house of Tom Ford assists the Adams to magnify their daily groom up. The blend of Frankincense with thyme, amber and leather notes rightfully captures the macho fervency. The splash is fit to influence the dame hearts at work. After donning, the corporate attire, a few drops are indispensable.

24. Dauntlessness gets Decorated Tom Ford Oud Wood Cologne

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When men desire for an aromatic trinket which will perfectly accent their individuality, this rakish incense becomes the right elect for them. In here, the fusion of warm agarwood with rustic vetiver and subtle sandalwood texture a drizzle which flawlessly enriches the innate essence of manhood. A signature token from the house of Tom Ford, this is a must have for the urbane men.

25. Flamboyancy turns Spell-binding Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Cologne

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In 2007, the brand of Tom Ford came out with this jaunty redolence to render masculinity with the required oomph factor. The spray is a true mind-soothing one that is bound strike a chord at a special docile heart. The mix of tobacco flower with the intense cacao authentically turns it into a desirable wear.

26. Culture of Vigor Tom Ford Grey Vetiver Cologne

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For rendering men with the pep to attend party after office, the mark of Tom Ford came out with this raffish fragrance. The redolent balance is nurtured here by the union of the note of sage with nutmeg and orris root. The drizzle infuses into the environ a sensation which beckons but is poised too. For the workaholic executives, this 2009 token is an indispensable choice.

27. Attitude of Exquisiteness Neroli Portofino Cologne

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To celebrate the specialty of every Adam, the fad house of Tom Ford launched this natty aroma in the year 2011. The spray suits flawlessly to the distinctive ardor of a distinguished day. The meet of amber with the African orange blossom perfectly textures the aura of manhood. Be it a romantic date or an official ceremony, it is the right wear.

28. Wonder of Solemnity Tom Ford Italian Cypress Cologne

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The soulfulness of every respective Adam is rightfully endorsed by the drops of this jaunty incense brought out by the house of Tom Ford. The adventurous vibe of the Mediterranean life is sensed by the redolent texture of this token. It pays ode to the awe of the Cypress tree that like manhood can face all challenges.

29. Joy of Fearlessness Tom Ford Extreme Cologne

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The men who cannot be hindered by any worldly obstacles are praised by this nifty 2007 incense. The house of Tom Ford introduced this token to depict that masculine grit which smiles in face of the danger. The spray is enriched by the blend of zappy lemon with the warm blue chamomile.

30. Sensual Plum Japonais

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Tom Ford Plum Japonais is a mixture of ume plum with exotic Asian ingredients. It is a delectable perfume for the wealthy and luxurious. It is an irresistible aroma, and the wearer is noticed even in a crowd. If you are going to work or going to watch the latest movie, with friends and colleagues, you can always bank on Plum Japonais.

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