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Top 10 Adult Celebrities Playing Teenagers on Television

Television is a great and commonest source of entertainment. It is full of sitcoms and soaps that captivate the attention of viewers on a daily basis. This is, however, somewhat weird when we see that there are various adult stars playing teenagers on television. Let us check out the list of top 10 adult celebrities playing teenagers on television.

10. Paul Wesley

Paul has played the role of Stefan Salvatore, a vampire, in the television show ‘The Vampire Diaries’. He has been shown as to be 17 for all eternity. The role he has played is portraying that he is a vampire of over 160 years. He is, in fact, 32 years old as his birthday is on 23rd July, 2014. When the series started in 2009, Paul was 27 years old.

Adult Celebrities Playing Teenagers

9. Harry Shum, Jr.

Harry has done a number of movies and television shows. Some of his fantastic movies are Step Up 2, Step Up 3D, You Got Served, and Stomp the Yard. In one of his television series in 2009, Harry appeared as the high school student, but he was 27 years old at that time. His performance, however, had been great.

Adult Celebrities Playing Teenagers

8. Tammin Sursok

Tammin has portrayed the character of Jenna Marshall, a teenage girl of about 17, in Pretty Little Liars. Born in 1983, Tammin is over 32 years. She was introduced as a teenager in this role in 2010. Tammin has also played awesome roles in some other television series, and has been the star of music industry.

Adult Celebrities Playing Teenagers

7. Jason Earles

Jason got fame because of his role as Jackson Stewart in the series, Hanna Montana. Jason was born in 1977, and had played the role of a 16 year old goofy teenager. The series came to an end in 2011. Jason’s performance in it was liked worldwide.

Adult Celebrities Playing Teenagers

6. Crystal Reed

Crystal has well portrayed the character of 17 year old Allison Argent in the famous television series, Teen Wolf. Crystal was born in 1985, and was 26 when she signed this role. The show was a hit for 3 seasons, and Crystal was 29 when she acted for the 3rd season of Teen Wolf.

Adult Celebrities Playing Teenagers

5. Bianca Lawson

Bianca has nicely played the role of Maya St. Germaine in a mystery-thriller. This role of Maya dominated the hearts of fans for three seasons. Bianca, born in 1979, was 31 years old when she started playing that role. But her performance had been superb.

Adult Celebrities Playing Teenagers

4. Trevor Donovan

In one of the popular teen dramas, Beverly Hills, Trevor Donovan played the role of 19-year old boy. He was actually born in 1978, and was almost 35 when this famous series came to an end in 2013. Some of his other fantastic television shows are Days of Our Lives, Melissa & Joey, Awkward etc.

Adult Celebrities Playing Teenagers

3. Matt Lanter

Born in 1983, Matt played the role of Roman, an alien boy of about 16 years, in a science fiction show on television named Star-Crossed. Matt got fame for his role in the coming series, 90210, in which he is playing the role of a teenage Loam Court. Well, it seems that Matt’s performance will bag him some awards as well.

Adult Celebrities Playing Teenagers

2. Mark Salling

Mark Salling is known as the teenage school jock. Mark’s performance has been great here. He was born in 1982, and wasn’t a teen at the time he signed the television series, Glee. The first episode of this series was broadcasted in 2009, and at that time he was almost 27 years old.

Adult Celebrities Playing Teenagers

1. Cory Monteigh

Cory played the role of Finn Hudson, aged 19, in the television series, Glee. Born in 1982, Cory was 29 years old when he started playing this role back in 2009. He was 30 when we saw him in the 4th season in 2012-13. But it won’t be wrong to say that he played the role awesomely.

Adult Celebrities Playing Teenagers

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