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Top 10 Most Amazing Facts about Animal Intelligence

Animals and plants are the beautiful gifts of nature. We love them and want them to go side-by-side with the human beings all time. Animals never fail to surprise the human beings. Sometimes they appear as dangerous snakes, and sometimes we find them to be life-killing sea species.

Whatsoever the form of the animals may be, but in every form they do something to shock us. Let us check out the top 10 most amazing facts about animal intelligence.

10. Dogs Miss their Owners

Amazing Facts about Animal Intelligence

The Behavioural Processes journal published that “dogs miss their owners in their absence”, which means they conducted a research; according to which 12 dogs obseve for their emotional reactions. The reseach revealed that the dogs like to smell the things and dresses, and even the shoes of their owners in case they are away or not present at the scene.

9. Monkeys act as Biased Creatures

Amazing Facts about Animal Intelligence

Do you know monkeys can be superstitious too? Researchers at University of Rochester studied three rhesus monkeys and found that monkeys were biased. This makes us believe that monkeyrs act just like their brainier fellows, and see patterns in random events. This was the sign of their intelligence. Moreover, monkeys chose the sweet and better looking bananas from their food basket and left what was spoiled.

8. Elephants Comfort their Fellows

Amazing Facts about Animal Intelligence

The bulky elephants are very friendly to their fellows. The study of PeerJ journal claimed that the Asian elephants try their best to comfort their fellow elephants when they are restless. Researchers studied 26 elephants that were kept in captivity and discovered their friendly behavior for one another.

7. Chimps Love Fashions

Amazing Facts about Animal Intelligence

Chimps have the ability to initiate fashion trends. The study published in ‘Animal Cognition’ stated that chimps are capable of starting fashion trends. This means they love to be trendy and fashionable, and want to wear outfits just like the human beings. A female chimp named Julie was found to be poking grass into both ears. She was copied by various other chimps.

6. Fruit Flies Think Before Acting

Amazing Facts about Animal Intelligence

It is absolutely true that fruit flies think before acting or showing their reactions. A fruit fly survives for only 60 days. An amazing research of Oxford University proved that fruit flies think before they act. Moreover, they put a lots of thoughts before showing some reaction.

5. Lemurs Steal Food

Amazing Facts about Animal Intelligence

If you’re around the lemurs and going to eat, then beware because they steal food. As an experiment in ‘social intelligence,’ The Duke University researchers studied that lumers are able to smell the food and drinks, so in your absence or even when you’re around; they can steal your food. This proves that these creatures have the tendency to act socially.

4. Wolves Copy like Dogs

Amazing Facts about Animal Intelligence

Whatever you do or act, your dog will try to copy you. Am I right? But let me here tell you that wolves can copy better. A study published in the PLOS ONE journal says that wolves have better learning abilities than dogs. Scientists make it clear that their brains act powerfully and effectively than any of the dog breed. This is why, they are proven best copycats.

3. Rats have Memories

Amazing Facts about Animal Intelligence

Rats have memories like computers and human beings. This makes us believe that rats can store and process different things and sets of emotions. Researchers at the International School for Advanced Studies have now proved this to be true with a series of experiments.

2. Zebra Finches Fake Their Behaviour

Amazing Facts about Animal Intelligence

Zebra finches have learned to fake their behavior. The times they’re facing potential mates, they act like robust. The same happens in different other situations. According to an international publication, zebra finches show severe behavior towards enemies.

1. Songbirds have Loose Memories

Amazing Facts about Animal Intelligence

Researchers from Duke University have claimed that songbirds have losse memories, which means they cannot remember anything a minute after. The experiments were conducted on both male and female sparrows. This proves that songbirds have extremely poor memory power, but still they remember their songs very well.