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Top 10 Amazing Places to visit in Europe

It is always interesting for us to think of traveling and visiting distant places, but which one to choose as our destination of holidays is quite a tough task. Plenty of places, cities and lands in the world are famous for their immense natural beauty, wonderful beaches and delicious cuisines. For the people who love natural beauty of Europe mustn’t miss the chance of visiting the following top 10 amazing places in Europe.

Albarracin - amazing places in europe

10. Italian Riviera:

What an amazing natural land it is. The Italian Riviera is famous for its delicious cuisines and charming natural places. Spending luxurious time in this place is going to be your choice once you get to know more about this land.


9. Romantische Strabe:

This small village of Germany is yet another gorgeous place to live during the holidays. Here the mountains, beaches and hills are going to be your favorite spots to live the whole day at.


8. Tuscany:

Tuscany is a famous Italian region and one of the favorite tourist attractions of Europe. Here not only the natural beauty will be welcoming you warmly but also the ancient and architectural monuments will attract your attention.


7. Oia in Santorini:

Oia in Santorini is a small yet wonderful village of Greece. Every year, millions of tourists make it their destination for spending summer and winter holidays. The weather of this place usually remains ideal throughout the year so you can plan a trip any time you want.


6. Lauterbrunnen:

Keeping in mind the popularity and appeal of Switzerland, I loved to enlist the name of Lauterbrunnen here as this is a super cool and ideal city of Switzerland for the newly married couples. Spending luxurious time in this beautiful valley of waterfalls and natural resources will be your perfect decision indeed.


5. Gruyeres Village:

This small green-land is situated in the district Gruyere, Europe. It adjoins two very beautiful rivers, one of them being SanneRiver. Its amazing weather and charming mountains won’t let you keep up from getting inspired.


4. Hallstatt:

Since the day of my school times, I have had always been inspired with the beauty of Hallstatt, a small town of Austria. Here the water of the pools, beaches and rivers is so cool and clean that swimming and boating will be really ideal for you while you are here.


3. Colosseum Rome:

Rome has been a descent and graceful places in Europe to visit and spend time at. This land is not famous for its natural beauty but for its highly impressive and stunning ancient monuments. Make sure you don’t miss to check Colosseum while you are in Rome. Its beauty will definitely impress you and keep you intact for a long-time.


2.  Puerto Banus:

If you have a plan to go to Spain this summer then don’t forget to make Puerto Banus your destination. This small yet sparkling village is situated far away from the hustles and bustles of the city areas.


1. Albarracin:

Albarracin is a small green area of AlbarracinRiver coastline. These coastlines are all surrounded with green mountains and gorgeous hills. The weather, here, usually remains cool so be ready to bring some coats and warm clothes when you are visiting Albarracin.