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Top 10 Most Beautiful Finnish Women in 2016

The majority of Finnish women are not appealing when we look at them. Still, a few of them have great curves and look fabulous. With their long hairs, beautiful noses, and great heights, these ladies are dominating the fashion and entertainment industries for many years. Finnish women rely less on cosmetics when it comes to depict the beauty to the world.

Here is a collection of top 10 most beautiful Finnish women in 2016.

Most Beautiful Finnish Women

10. Viivi Avellan

Viivi Avellan was born on June 3, 1977. She is a Finnish journalist and television entrepreneur. Viivi is a very charming, talented, and pretty woman who has wrote blog posts for several online magazines of the world.

Viivi Avellan

9. Sara Sieppi

Sara Sieppi was born on June 3, 1991. She is Miss Finland -2011, and represented her country at the contest “Miss World 2011”. Sara is a cool, appealing and amazing fashion model who has worked with countless big brands.

Sara Sieppi

8. Pihla Viitala

Pihla Viitala was born in September 30, 1982, in Helsinki. She is an actress and model of Finnish. Pihla is a graceful female with hot figure and is very talented.

Pihla Viitala

7. Noora Hautakangas

Noora Hautakangas was born in 1984, in Soini. She first rose to prominence when she won the Miss Suomi 2007. Noora is an exceptional and top notch female who has been the cover girl of top entertainment magazines.

Noora Hautakangas

6. Iina Kuustonen

Iina Kuustonen was born in April 18, 1984. She is a Finnish film and TV series actress. Iina has won various awards during her career, and is known to give great performance in whatever project she does.

Iina Kuustonen

5. Jenni Vartiainen

Jenni Vartiainen was born on March 20, 1983. She is a Finnish pop singer. She also runs a couple of websites including www.jennivartiainen.fi. Jenni is a charming lady.

Jenni Vartiainen

4. Satu Tuomisto

Satu Tuomisto was born on February 17, 1986. She is a Finnish model and TV host. Satu rose to fame when she was crowned with Miss Finland 2008. She then began doing modeling and gradually became an actress.

Satu Tuomisto

3. Hanna Ek

Hanna Ek was born in 1985. She is the winner of Miss Finland 2005. Hanna is a graceful and skillful lady, having huge fan following. She has worked for the covers of big magazines of both domestic and international level.

Hanna Ek

2. Rita Aaltolahti

Rita Aaltolahti was born in 1988. She is the finalist of Miss Finland 2011. She has been a supermodel who was contracted by big fashion houses of America and Europe.

Rita Aaltolahti

1. Elina Tervo

Elina Tervo was born in December 20, 1986. She is a popular Finnish fitness model. She has gotten titles like “Miss Fitness Universe – 2010” (18th place), “Fitness Model of Finland – 2010″ (2nd place), “Miss Helsinki – 2011” (1st place), “Miss Fitness Universe – 2011” (13th place). She is an impressive actress as well.

Elina Tervo

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