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Top 10 Most Beautiful Fishes in the World

We, the humans, have been blessed with a lot of incredible and prettiest creatures. If on one hand we see pleasant and wonderful looking birds wandering into the skies, then on the other hand, some fishes and sea-animals are also remarkable and known for their beautiful appeals. So here is the list of top 10 most beautiful fishes in the world.

10. Parrotfish:

Most Beautiful Fishes
Parrotfish has beautiful and very pretty bird-like calcareous beaks. These fishes have been originated in different colors and shades, and believe me they look beautiful in every color. Parrotfish is found in deep sea oceans where calcium is excessively present.

9. Lyretail Anthias:

Most Beautiful Fishes

Lyretail Anthias is a wonderful aquarium fish and one of the best and most adorable sea-species of Indo-west Pacific. This fish possesses interesting features, like hiding itself in the sea-plants and staying inactive for many hours. Its colors are always charming and this is why we name it one of the most beautiful fishes in the world.

8. African Cichlids:

Most Beautiful Fishes

As is clear with their name, African Cichlids are present in African lakes and oceans. These are three different fishes, Malawi, Tanganyika and Victoria. All are very beautiful and contains different eye catching colors.

7. Banggai Cardinal Fish:

Most Beautiful Fishes

Banggai Cardinal Fish is yet another wonderful and pretty fish. It is tiny and has a length of approximately 6-8 inches. It weighs light and is said to be an active fish of online store Basin and home aquariums.

6. Lion Fish:

Most Beautiful Fishes

Lion Fish is, no doubt, one of the most appealing and wonderful fishes in the world. It is found in Indo-Pacific Oceans and is a highly defensive fish. It attacks the preys for the purpose of obtaining its food. Lion Fish is highly poisonous in nature.

5. Regal Tang:

Most Beautiful Fishes

Regal Tang is also known as Dory Fish. It is found in small and rectangular shapes with distinctive colors and forms of calcareous blades. It is also a venomous fish and lives in deep oceans.

4. Coral Beauty:

Most Beautiful Fishes

Coral Beauty is a small and delicate fish which can easily be viewed in a nearby aquarium or at a local pet store. It is a beautiful and colorful fish and quite friendly to be kept at home. But the experts prefer to keep Coral Beauty in marine aquariums only due to its delicate nature.

3. Moorish Idol:

Most Beautiful Fishes

Moorish Idol has so far been named as the tinniest marine aquarium fish in the world. It is present in Indian Oceans, Japan and AfricanOceans. Its yellow and black ribbon like shades give it a spectacular and wonderful look.

2. Blueface Angel Fish:

Most Beautiful Fishes

Blueface Angel Fish belongs to the angelfish family. It is native to Pacific Oceans and comes in 12-14 inches length. It has colorful body and a charming blue colored face which make it distinctive and wonderful by look.

1. Clownfish:

Most Beautiful Fishes

Clownfish is not ideal to be kept at home, but it is regarded as the most expensive, rarely found and beautiful fish in the world. It is usually found in Africa and Pacific Oceans. I must say Clownfish is truly the deserver to be at the top of the list of top 10 most beautiful fishes in the world.

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