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Top 10 Most Beautiful Hollywood Actresses with Sexiest Lips

Who has the best lips in Bollywood or Hollywood? It is never so easy to decide which actress has the hottest and attractive lips. Certainly, there are many who work hard to look gorgeous and appealing all the time.

Making your lips look adorable is not a cup of tea; despite their health, you’ve to use the lipstick that suits the best to your lips and makes them attractive.

Here are the top 10 most beautiful Hollywood actresses with sexiest lips.

10. Drew Barrymore

Hollywood Actresses with Sexiest Lips

The adorable and charming lips of this successful Hollywood actress, Drew Barrymore are worth see. She sometimes uses to cover her lips with the candy, and sometimes she uses dark lipsticks, which make her lips even more appealing.

9. Scarlett Johansson

Hollywood Actresses with Sexiest Lips

Scarlett Johansson sets herself from the rest of the Hollywood actresses for having eye-catching and bold kind of lips. Her cute smile is something to create a magical environment wherever she is.

8. Eva Mendes

Hollywood Actresses with Sexiest Lips

Eva Mendes, with her amazing and sexy lips, gets a stunning look among the dusky skin celebrities. Mendes has played hot characters in many of her movies, kissing the actor’s lips with her juicy lips, and creating a warm and seducing environment everywhere.

7. Megan Fox

Hollywood Actresses with Sexiest Lips

Megan Fox is a successful and talented Hollywood actress. She is famous for her work, and more than this she is attractive, having hot figure and sexy kind of lips. Comparisons with Angelina Jolie were made as Megan and Angelina both has impressive tattoo collections.

6. Christina Hendricks

Hollywood Actresses with Sexiest Lips

This ‘Mad Men’ star is the brand ambassador of various lipsticks. She claims to have hundreds of lipsticks which assure to give her lips appealing and attractive look. Christina is one of the best Hollywood actresses of the era.

5. Jessica Alba

Hollywood Actresses with Sexiest Lips

Jessica Alba, what a girl she is. Don’t you think so? I am sure yours opinion must be the same like me. With her amazing performance, hot figure and sexy lips, this America Mexican beauty dominates the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

4. Rihanna

Hollywood Actresses with Sexiest Lips

Barbados-born sexy Rihanna certainly has lips to go crazy for. She is a well known R&B singer, actress, model, and songwriter of the era. Usually we see Rihanna in dark shaded lipsticks; this is might be because she always wants to add attraction to her face and lips.

3. Liv Tyler

Hollywood Actresses with Sexiest Lips

If you’d forgotten then let me remind you that Liv Tyler’s lips are also very sexy and adorable. The shape and size of the lips have been naturally matched with her face, with a full lower lip and a perfectly shaped upper lip.

2. Monica Bellucci

Hollywood Actresses with Sexiest Lips

Monica Bellucci’s attractive lips match perfectly with her extravagant beauty and sexy personality. Her lips are certainly something many men would love to die for. If you want to kiss her lips just because they are adorable, go ahead in your dreams.

1. Selena Gomez

Hollywood Actresses with Sexiest Lips

The cute and lovely Selena has very stunning lips. Not only her lips which make her gorgoeus, but also she is a full pack of charm and beauty. The shape of her lips is perfectly balanaced and she uses all colors of lipsticks with confidence.

Who is your favorite star?