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Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes in the World

Among those all beautiful landscapes, forests, oceans, mountains and green lands, lakes are enough catchy tourist points. Every year millions of tourists turn to the countries where nature has gifted a lot of beauties and natural places. If you have the mind to visit some distant place this summer for spending luxurious time at the most beautiful lakes in the world, then do not forget to enlist the name of the following top 10 most beautiful lakes in the world.

10. Five Flower Lake, China:

Most Beautiful Lakes
I couldn’t even imagine if China like country has such a beautiful natural reserve for the tourists to enjoy. But this is absolutely true, the five flower lake of China is present in Jiuzhaigou Valley and is one of the most colorful and beautiful tourist attractions.

9. The Plitvice Lakes, Croatia:

Most Beautiful Lakes

These Croatia based beautiful lakes are actually natural plus human formulations. The man-made lightening system and colors have enriched the beauty of the plitvice lakes.

8. Shangrila Lake Skardu, Pakistan:

Most Beautiful Lakes

Although Pakistan is an under-developing and highly conflicting country but nature has gifted it with some interesting and must visit tourist attractions. The ShangrilaLake is situated in Skardu region of Pakistan and is a remarkable tourist attraction. This lake is very beautiful and is also famous with the name of Heavens of Earth.

7. Lake Bled, Slovenia:

Most Beautiful Lakes

LakeBled is present in the beautiful Julian Alps of Slovenia. This is all surrounded by forests and mountains which add a plus to its level of beauty and wonderful appeal.

6. The Yucatan Lake, Mexico:

Most Beautiful Lakes

This Mexican lake is one of its kind and is famous for its amazingly beautiful and attractive cave. This cave has been a subject of myths since the time Mexico country came into being. But the beauty of this lake and its relaxing atmosphere has never been negatively impacted by any of the negative thoughts of the local residents.

5. Baikal Lake, Russia:

Most Beautiful Lakes

When it comes to beauty, Russia is not behind the race of natural beauty and freshwater lakes. The Baikal Lake in Russia has crystal clear water and the weather during the winters becomes enough cold. The extremeness of the weather turns the lake’s water into ice.

4. Lake Matheson, New Zealand:

Lake Matheson - New Zealand
LakeMatheson is present close to the Fox Glaciers of Southern New Zealand. This is yet another wonderful and one of the most remarkable tourist attractions in the world. It tracks its history back from 14th century but still the lake has kept up the level of its beauty high and high.

3. The Reed Flute Lake, China:

The Reed Flute Lake - China
China has both natural and man-made lakes. Reed flute lake is another undoubtedly beautiful lake of China having being surrounded by mountains and green lands. The atmosphere here is very pleasant.

2. Dal Lake, Kashmir:

Most Beautiful Lakes

Due to its extremely beautiful and adorable landscape, Kashmir is being dominated by India since a long. The dal lake of Kashmir is an amazing and one of the best lakes in the world. It is like the jewel of Srinagar, and is also known as the crown of Kashmir.

1. Peyto Lake, Canada:

Most Beautiful Lakes
This Canadian lake is famous for its amazing beauty and adorable atmosphere. Peyto Lake is situated in Alberta, Canada so if you happen to go there any time during the summers, just don’t forget to visit peyto lake.