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Top 10 Benefits of Being a Modern Nomad

Have you ever dreamed of packing up a few belongings and hitting the road — permanently? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Over one million Americans have not only had this same dream, but made it a reality by selling their home and setting out across the country in a recreational vehicle.

It might surprise you to learn that not all of these full-time RV dwellers are snowbirds or retirees, too. Plenty of them are Millennials who have taken their generation’s appreciation for minimalism to a new level, and there are lots of families who roam where and when they want to, too. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that people reap by living as modern nomads.

1. It’s Less Expensive

Although economic experts have blamed Millennials for killing the housing market, that generation has, in fact, contributed to a boom in recreational vehicles. And with good reason. While it’s certainly possible to spend a pretty penny on a super fancy, blinged out RV with all the bells and whistles, on the whole they are less expensive than traditional homes.

2. It Will Strengthen Your Relationship

Think that being cooped up in an RV cabin with your sweetie will make you both crazy — and that you’ll come to hate each other without separate spaces and rooms of your own? Think again. Plenty of couples claim that the opposite is true, and that full-time nomad life has actually brought them closer together. One reason? Close quarters force you to communicate more effectively and resolve problems instead of letting them fester.

3. You Are More Connected to the Outdoors

Some people dream of living on the ocean; others crave the solitude of the desert or the ancient magic that can be found in a forest. Still others want Choice D: All of the Above! With an RV, you can switch up your environment on the regular and have it all.

4. There’s a Built-in Social Network

Full-time RVers are a closely knit community. It makes sense; after all, they share advantages — and challenges — that no other group can really understand. The fact that you aren’t tied down gives you automatic common ground. And whether it’s helping each other choose the best RV extended warranty or comparing notes on cool campgrounds across the country, nomads always have each other’s backs.

5. You aren’t Tied Down to a Job

Want to avoid the 8-5 grind? There’s no better way than by pulling up stakes. If you can afford to retire, RVing is a great way to travel. Or you can pick up seasonal or freelance work, either 40 hours’ worth each week or on an as-needed basis. Either way, you will avoid work-related burnout.

6. You Can Live Like a Local

Traveling is wonderful, but to truly get a sense of a city, you have to stay there for more than a long weekend in order to see all the attractions – while avoiding the tourist traps. When you live in an RV, you can live like a local — but also pack up and head out as you like, without the hassle of relocation.

7. Visit Friends and Family Anytime

If you have relatives and friends scattered all over the U.S. — and these days, who doesn’t? — a motorhome or trailer is an ideal way to keep in touch, literally! Spend a couple of months helping care for a new grandchild, or get together with an old college friend for a weekend.  By bringing your home-on-wheels, you won’t be a burden while you stay.

8. Lessen Your Environmental Footprint

Living a minimalist lifestyle is good for the planet, and studies also show that it is good for the soul, too. It can be incredibly liberating to let go of unnecessary stuff and to live more simply. 

9. No More Utility Bills

Enough said?

10. All That, and Bragging Rights Too

There aren’t all that many people who have the courage to untether themselves from their workaday lives, their home in the ’burbs, their couch and their Netflix queue. When you give up the stability of the average American life, you will reap rewards you can’t even begin to imagine — and you will be the envy of everyone you know.