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Top 10 Best and Most Affordable Robots to Buy in 2015

Are you tired of working all day? If so you need someone’s help. If no one in your family or friends is ready to perform your many of tasks, a robot is there to be an ultimate option. Buying a robot eases many of our works, making our lives comfortable and easier. Here we are focusing on the top 10 best and most affordable robots to buy in 2015.

Best and Most Affordable Robots

10. Floor Washer-iRobot Scooba 390

It is a rechargeable robot. It is able to wash your dirty floors of 850 squares in one turn. It is not a vacuum rather it scrub, wash and dry floors. This is ideal for domestic uses. The cost of this robot is about USD450.

Floor Washer-iRobot Scooba 390

9. Automated Pool Cleaner

The automated pool cleaner is meant to clean dirty pool water. If you have a big swimming pool at home, bring this robot and ease your work. It has a battery and can be used for cleaning water in spas, hot tubs or kids’ pool. This robot is very handy, costing USD200 to USD700.

Automated Pool Cleaner

8. Roomba iRobot

Roomba iRobot is a vacuum cleaning robot. It costs nothing more than USD200. It has IR sensors (Infra-Red) along with bumpers. The sensors help the robot in navigation of dirt in the corners of the house. This robot can clean your home conveniently.

Roomba iRobot

7. 3-Furby

Furbies are basically interactive robots meant to entertain. 3-Furby is a kids-friendly robot. The series’ first robot was developed in 1998 and these have been famous since then. This robot can dance, and have numerous features. Their price range starts from USD54.


6. QB from Anybots

QB is actually a virtual presence robot. It is remote controlled and self balanced. The robot is skinny with two wheels. This roams and can have physical interactions on your behalf. It has a webcam and a screen to make your tasks easier. The cost is USD15k and trust me it is worth your investment.

QB from Anybots

5. Keecker

If you are looking for an entertainment robot, Keecker is an ideal option. It has a built-in projector. You can watch movies, surf the internet, do your works, and play video games with this great robot. Its price ranges from USD4k to USD5k.


4. iPhone Controlled Flying Bomber

Are you crazy about table tennis? Give a try to iPhone Controlled Flying Bomber. This robot drops a ping pong ball when commanded by an iOS device. You can use it both indoor and outdoor. It has rechargeable battery. The cost is USD99.95.

iPhone Controlled Flying Bomber

3. Sphero Bluetooth Robotic Ball

Sphero Bluetooth Robotic Ball is enough to take you to a world of dreams. It is a gaming device, controlled by Android and iOS gadgets. Enjoy the multi-player or single-player games. this robot has LEDs. Its cost is around USD129.99.

Sphero Bluetooth Robotic Ball

2. Orbit Mobile Brain-Controlled Helicopter

This amazing robot works according to the signals coming from your brain. It has an EEG headset, and can use physical feedback and colorful visuals to perform different tasks. The helicopter can fly, and you can control it with Android or iOS devices. Its cost is USD189.

Orbit Mobile Brain-Controlled Helicopter

1. Nabaztag Ears

Shaped like a rabbit, and has long ears of different colors, Nabaztag is a multipurpose robot. It provides services like news headlines, alarm clock, weather forecast, email alerts, stock market reports, MP3 streams, RSS feeds and others. The robot has interactive features. The cost is USD12 to USD13 only.

Nabaztag Ears

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