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Top 10 Best Animal Welfare Organizations in the World 2015

There are several welfare organizations all over the world that are working day and night for the betterment of homeless and injured animals. They take in the animals and treat them with care and affection. These animals are provided with food and other facilities of life so that they can survive for long. Check this list of top 10 best animal welfare organizations in the world 2015.

Best Animal Welfare Organizations in the World

10. PDSA Organization

PDSA Organization is dedicated to promote the health and welfare of cats. This works on multiple veterinary projects and studies. It is providing continuous training and advices for boarding catteries and information about every aspect of cat care.

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PDSA Organization

9. Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust is one of the best animal welfare organizations in the world. This UK based organization works for the welfare of dogs. It owns a big network of re-homing centers, subsidized neutering campaigns, educational programs. The organization is continuously offering veterinary care for the pets of homeless people.

Dogs Trust

8. Animal Welfare Institute

This is another famous animal welfare organization that mainly emphases on the rescue of animals that are used for experimentation. This works on programs to keep the animals in labs safely. It also makes sure that the animals used for experiments are not treated badly in our societies. This organization was established in 1951. It aims to reduce the terror and cruelty of human beings over animals.

Animal Welfare Institute

7. D.E.L.T.A Rescue

D.E.L.T.A Rescue is one of the best animal welfare organizations in the world. It is the home to over 2000 animals. The organization keeps the animals on 1500 acres of land, and provides them complete safety and timely food and healthcare facilities. It was established in 1979. With two hospitals and doctors available, this is working effectively for the betterment of animals.

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D.E.L.T.A Rescue

6. Saving Our Avian Resources – S O A R

Saving Our Avian Resources has been working on programs that make sure the protection of birds. This organization is the home to various endangered bird species. It was founded in 1999 and ever since it became a leading bird saving society. S O A R has qualified veterans and scientists who treat animals with special care.

Saving Our Avian Resources

5. Farm Sanctuary

Farm Sanctuary was founded in 1986. This society focuses on the safety and welfare of the farm animals. It creates awareness among the people through different training programs. It was established at a 175 acre land and has 800 cows, ducks, geese, pigs, sheep, chicken, rabbits and goat to take care of.

Farm Sanctuary

4. The Marine Mammal Centre

The Marine Mammal Centre is one of the best animal welfare organizations in the world. It saves and protects mammals like whales, seals, dolphins and dugongs. This organization also protects injured and sick animals, providing them better health and treatment facilities. It has its network spread all over the world. This center feeds offspring of animals on bottles.

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The Marine Mammal Centre

3. International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

International Fund for Animal Welfare is a well reputed animal protection organization. This has its offices across Canada, Africa, and USA. This has qualified scientists in their offices and 375 knowledgeable campaigners. This company started its mission back in 1969, and prevents animals from the brutal killing of harps and seals.

International Fund for Animal Welfare

2. The Wild Animal Sanctuary

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is one of the best animal welfare organizations in the world. Its aim is to rescue carnivores that have been ill-treated and injured in some way. The organization has employed trained veterinary experts to make sure that the safety and survival of animals is not compromised.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary

1. PetSmart Charities

PetSmart Charities would teach you how to develop a healthy relationship between your pet and you. This organization takes special care of the animals. It provides them shelter and food, as well as health facilities. Due to over-population of homeless animals, PetSmart Charities has taken serious steps for the sale of some human-friendly animals.

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PetSmart Charities

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