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Top 10 Best Animal Welfare Organizations in the World in 2014

I don’t think there is anyone who dislikes animals. With the passage of time, the protection of animals and plants has become really tough. We, the humans, continuously do the acts which lead the other living things suffer. There are various animal welfare organizations in the world. Their members try their level best to protect animals from injuries, and severe effects. Almost all of these organizations keep a proper check-and-balance for the protection and safety of the animals. Let us check out the list of top 10 best animal welfare organizations in the world in 2014.

10. Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International

Created by an American zoologist Dian Fossey, this organization undertakes several projects to protect the species of gorillas. Some of the gorillas were killed and captured brutally in Africa. But this organization has taken serious steps for those animals, and is committed to safe all the endangered animal species.

Best Animal Welfare Organizations

9. Wild Animal Sanctuary

The mission of Wild Animal Sanctuary (TWAS) is to rescue and provide life-long homes for cats, bears, wolves and other animals. It mainly protects carnivores and is operating for more than 36 years.

Best Animal Welfare Organizations

8. The Marine Mammal Centre

The Marine Mammal Centre was founded with the mission of saving and protecting the mammals like whales, seals, dolphins and dugongs. It works on the projects to save injured sea mammals as well. It detects whales and works for the protection of blue whale, sea turtles etc.

Best Animal Welfare Organizations

7. In-Sync Exotics, Inc.

This animal welfare organization provides care, and safety to the beautiful creatures. Their members spend a lot of time for animal residents requiring specialized medical care. This organization operates through funds.

Best Animal Welfare Organizations

6. Saving Our Avian Resources  – SOAR

Established for the protection of rare birds, this organization is known the world over. It treats the birds with love and great care, and provides them better preservation opportunities. It was found in 1999, and has become a leading bird saving organization so far.

Best Animal Welfare Organizations

5. RedRover 

The mission of RedRover is to bring down the crisis in forests so that the animals and plants can be protected. It is funded by major organizations like United Animal Nations (UAN), and tries to strengthen the bond between people and animals via different awareness programs.

Best Animal Welfare Organizations

4. Best Friends Animal Society

This organization works for the welfare and protection of pets especially dogs. It is based in Utah, and was founded in 1984 with the purpose to provide safe and loving homes to dogs and other types of pets. The mission of the organization is to save the homeless pets.

Best Animal Welfare Organizations

3. Animal Welfare Institute

Developed for the welfare of plants and animals, organization emphases on the rescue plans. It keeps the animals in laboratories and uses them in experiments, taking good care of their health and safety. Established since 1951, this society has initiated various plans against cruelty on animals.

Best Animal Welfare Organizations

2. The Wild Animal Sanctuary

This organization rescues the carnivores that have been ill-treated and injured. It trains its workers in a way that they are capable to look after the various species of animals, and create plans for their betterment. It has its own 720 acre land, dedicated for the endangered animals.

Best Animal Welfare Organizations

1. International Fund for Animal Welfare, Inc.

The mission of this organization is to improve the welfare of wild and domestic animals worldwide by reducing their commercial exploitation. It works on various animal-friendly projects, and runs different campaigns to create awareness in common people that the safety of animals is necessary.

Best Animal Welfare Organizations

What do you do to protect animals and plants?