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Top 10 Best Animals That Hibernate in the World

Plants and animals are the very beautiful creatures of God. Animals possess amazing abilities to survive even in the hardest circumstances and environmental conditions. Their body systems are regulated in a way that they find it to be no difficult to survive throughout the year, and in any climate. Hibernation means when the animals go into a deep sleep to survive extreme cold season. This usually happens in areas where the weather is freezing and food is scarce. The animals, habitual of hibernation, have cleverer survival mechanisms. Let us check out the list of top 10 best animals that hibernate in the world.

10. Common Poorwills

Common Poorwill is the one and only species of birds that get hibernated when the environment is not suitable. These species, whenever find inappropriate temperature, go to long sleep. They can usually survive in hot weather and when food is not scarce. They even have the ability of hibernating while incubating their eggs. This is because they love hatching the chicks in favorable environments.

Animals That Hibernate in the World

9. Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs can hibernate anywhere from several weeks to over seven months, depending upon the weather changes. When they are in hibernation, their heart rate drops about 90%. Hedgehogs wakeup if their body temperature drops to much extent. These can also go in estivation when the weather is too hot.

Animals That Hibernate in the World

8. Alpine Marmot

Alpine Marmots hibernate for up to eight months. They wake up only when weather is suitable. During hibernation they take around 2-4 breaths every minute, and their heart rate slows down to much extent. These animals have normal 120 beats, but in hibernation it drops down to 3-4 beats a minute.

Animals That Hibernate in the World

7. Black Bears

Black bear is one of the bear species that undergoes hibernation. These are usually found in America. In addition to black bear, Asiatic Black bear, Brown bear and Polar bear also hibernate. These are furry animals that can survive with warm body temperature. In case, the weather outside is extremely cold, they hibernate for over 100 days.

Animals That Hibernate in the World

6. Bumblebee

When the temperature drops, males and worker bees go into hibernation. They hide themselves in the holes of the soil, in rotten tree stumps, and under leaf litters. Bumblebees can hibernate for over eight months. During this period, their heartbeat is extremely slow.

Animals That Hibernate in the World

5. Prairie Dogs

Prairie dogs aren’t really dogs, they are actually rodents. They are known to bark and bite in the same way as normal dogs do. These species hibernate in cols seasons. Both white-tailed and black-tailed prairie dogs sleep during the winter months, and wakeup when the weather is favorable.

Animals That Hibernate in the World

4. Skunks

During the cold months, skunks hide themselves in their dens, and become hibernated. They can survive for several months without eating food, but of course when weather gets settled, they get out of their dens and start living normal lives.

Animals That Hibernate in the World

3. Deer Mice

Deer mice have short lives and short torpor (light hibernation) periods. In winter seasons, they hibernate from the morning to afternoon, and live without food. These animals don’t do so when the weather is hot. In summers, they get lots of energy from the sunlight.

Animals That Hibernate in the World

2. Hamsters

Hamsters are habitual of being awoken only when weather is favorable. In winter seasons, no matter how long they are, hamsters remain in sleeping condition. It is said that if they’re disturbed while sleeping, heart attack can be caused. Hamsters torpor for a few days to several weeks. They don’t do so even in winter in case sufficient food is available.

Animals That Hibernate in the World

1. Bats

Bats are interesting for many reasons. First what they look like is very attractive for people. They can navigate using echolocation. Also bats can hibernate for several months in winter season. They go into true hibernation and appear to have died because their heart rate drops from 400 to 25 beats per minute. They usually hibernate in the cavities of big trees, caves, mine shafts, and old wells.

Animals That Hibernate in the World

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