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Top 10 Best Apps for Your Apple iPhone 2015

Having an iPhone device is always interesting. The app developers try their best that their applications suit all mobiles and can fit the operating systems of almost all types. This is what makes their products world famous. Check this list of top 10 best apps for your apple iPhone 2015.

10. ProShot

This is an advanced mobile photography app that makes your image capturing experience wonderful. The app lets you have access to manual controls, and the interface is user-friendly. ProShot provides photography enthusiasts with DSLR like controls and is fully featured.

Best Apps for Your Apple iPhone

9. Letterpress

You may call Letterpress a game or an app, whatever you like. This lets the users create their own words with the help of a set of alphabet tiles for gaining points. You can create colorful words and score well. This is simple to use, and is ideal for your daily business. The application can easily be installed on your iPhone.

Best Apps for Your Apple iPhone

8. Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is a great standalone app from Instagram. This lets the users create their professional time lapse videos with the help of their iPhones. The installation of this application is very easy. It has received an overall positive reviews, and speeds up your video creating process. The application can be downloaded from the online app stores.

Best Apps for Your Apple iPhone

7. Pipes News

Pipes News by Doodle Creatives is an exciting way to stay up-to-date with the topics you love the most. This will alert you automatically about the current happenings and news of your selected niches, and provides you information on your iPhone. The application won’t prove to be an extra burden for your mobile device and is of great interest.

Best Apps for Your Apple iPhone

6. Evernote

Evernote, in recent months, has become one of the top notch applications for iPhone users. This has a beautifully designed Widget that allows users to create new entries to their personalized Evernote journal or Notebook. This app lets you store your notes, documents, web pages, and contacts easily. Just download and install it and enjoy the application’s so many features.

Best Apps for Your Apple iPhone

5. TouchPal Keyboard

After giving a try to plenty of third-party keyboards, I finally decided to download the TouchPal Keyboard on my iPhone. This great app has a wide range of themes and is available free of cost. This lets the users create custom keyboard themes using their own photos. The application has a great swipe-to-type feature with the help of which you can easily type your documents and prepare notes or official writings in no time.

Best Apps for Your Apple iPhone

4. Google News & Weather

The Google News & Weather app is an essential app for iPhone users. This keeps you updated with the news headline, local news, weather information, and trending stories. This app acts like your personal news anchor and provides you all the information you need to know what’s going on in the world. It has about 65,000 publications in its database.

Best Apps for Your Apple iPhone

3. Screeny

Screeny is an extremely useful utility app for the iPhone users. This lets you view and delete the screenshots and pictures that you no more want to be in your mobile device. The app works efficiently and has user-friendly interface. It is available from AppStore by paying a little about of USD0.99.

Best Apps for Your Apple iPhone

2. Uber

Uber is a must-have application. If you want to be informed about the cars and taxi services in your area, then this is the right app for you. The users can simply request their rides by selecting a number of options. This application provides instant cost estimates for various journeys and car types. Install it now and enjoy.

Best Apps for Your Apple iPhone

1. iCloud

If your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac are missing, let the iCloud help you find the device. Just sign in to their website and find the location of your device. This is, no doubt, one of the smartest applications for those who remain worried of thefts, the app won’t let your mobile get lost and instead helps you find the location of your iPhone and other mobile devices.

Best Apps for Your Apple iPhone

Do you already have any of these nice applications?