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Top 10 Best Award-Winning Lawyers of All Time

A lawyer is responsible to perform his duties and is there to serve the human beings, regarding various life’s issues, legally. After a through understanding of what a lawyer actually does, we can say that the charges they take are pretty fair, because their job is extremely tough. There have had been various lawyers in the history, who contributed a lot towards the success of different countries’ rules.

Let us take a look at the list of top 10 best award-winning lawyers of all time.

10. Abraham Lincoln

Award-Winning Lawyers

Abraham Lincoln got much fame for his controversies in ancient times. He raised his voice against the slavery of innocent and poor people. He was awarded with various appreciations and, this Illinois lawyer also got the chance to become 16th President of USA. He worked really hard to tackle different law cases. Major of them are trials for medical malpractice, corporate misconduct etc. Abraham worked for over twenty years and then became a president.

9. Clare Foltz

Award-Winning Lawyers

Clare Foltz is an inspirational lawyer for females. She offered her effortless services in the West Coast. She also served to sue the Hastings College of Law for discrimination. It was due to Clare’s services that the California state law allowed individuals of all races to work in USA.

8. Phil Beck

Award-Winning Lawyers

Phil Beck served as a lawyer in the firm, Bartlit Beck. He was recognized by The National Law Journal as Lawyer of the Year Runner-Up in 2001. He also received “Winning Lawyer” award both in 1997 and 2003. Phil worked to stop the recount in different states. In 2003, he defended Bayer in a lawsuit over the drug Baycol.

7. David Boies

Award-Winning Lawyers

David Boies served Schiller & Flexner as a hard working lawyer. The awards he received include Lawyer of the Year by the National Law Journal and one of the awards was received by Time Magazine in 2000. He was also famous as The Antitrust Lawyer by the New York Bar Association. Much of his contribution as a lawyer was in the Microsoft’s case of an antitrust case.

6. Evan Chesler

Award-Winning Lawyers

Evan Chesler received awards such as America’s Leading Lawyer, Best Lawyer in America for 2009. He also served as the leading trial lawyer of US legal during 2008. It was all due to his endless efforts and dedication that he got this much appreciations. Evan was the defender of IBM’s ALT key against patent-infringement claims, and joined Thomas Barr in IBM’s 13-year antitrust battle.

5. Stephen Neale

Award-Winning Lawyers

Stephen Neale served Cooley Godward Kronish as a lawyer. The awards he received are Super Lawyer 2009, The Best Lawyer in America, and Chambers USA 2009. He was the person who worked really hard to shift the blames of massive flooding in Michigan from his client, Inland Steel. He also was successful to defend former McAfee general counsel Kent Roberts in his backdating-related trial.

4. John Keker

Award-Winning Lawyers

John Keker, another great and award-winning lawyer, belongs to USA. He got recognition for his services in USA a one of the 100 most influential lawyers in the world by the National Law Journal in 2006. John was also in the list of best American lawyers for criminal defense. In one of his intellectual cases, he served and defended Google against Microsoft. He was also the lawyer of Oliver North in the Iran-Contra affair, and defended scandalized financiers Frank Quattrone and Andrew Fastow.

3. Steve Susman

Award-Winning Lawyers

Some of the Steve’s awards are The Best Lawyers in America for 25 years, and Leading Commercial Litigator in the World in 2006 and 2007. He worked really hard to raise his graph of success. Steve made his name recognized when he earned USD550 million in a landmark paper antitrust case. During 2009, he represented Indiana state employees in one of their cases.

2. Dan Webb

Award-Winning Lawyers

Dan Webb is a high-rank lawyer, who received appreciations like number one lawyer of U.S. by Euromoney’s Guide. In addition to this, he was named to be a leading lawyer in the world to deal the criminal cases perfectly, this appreciation was given by Corporate Crime Reporter. He has represented Microsoft, Philip Morris, and General Electric in many of their cases.

1. Ted Wells

Award-Winning Lawyers

Ted Wells is a Lawyer of the Year in 2006 by The National Law Journal. He is also one of the 100 most influential lawyers. Ted belongs to America, but served his global clients. He defended CIA leaker Scooter Libby, and Citigroup against USD30 billion fraud charges. He was also the representative of financier Mike Milken, congressman Mike Espy, and Exxon Mobile.