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Top 10 best Banks in the World in 2014

Since a decade or so, the role of banks in strengthening the economy of a country cannot be ignored. It is true that the banks are the asset of a nation to empower its financial situation and help it recover from global crisis. Loans and other benefits are given to the account holders so that they can enjoy the top notch services of a bank and are ensured of their amount’s safety.


Here is the list of top 10 best banks in the world in 2014

10. Commercial Bank China

Commercial Bank China
It is a reputable and distinctive bank of China where every day millions and billions of transactions are carried out. The management struggles a lot to keep up the graph of its success high. The records of 2014 reveal that this bank’s non- performing assets are 0.5 so far.
Website: icbc.com.cn

9. Barclays Bank UK

Barclays Bank UK
Barclays bank has always been the prior choice of the people of United Kingdom. Its awesome banking services, loan plans and other benefits are some of the secrets which have made this bank a world known bank having an estimated non- performing assets of 0.6.
Website: barclays.co.uk

8. Imperial Commerce Bank Canada

Imperial Commerce Bank Canada
Canada is a developed and progressed country. Its banking system is one of the strongest in the world. There are no short of banks in this country but Imperial Commerce Bank of Canada has absolutely no alternate. Its non-performing assets are 0.9 which are higher than any other Canadian bank.
Website: cibc.com

7. Japan Post Bank

Japan Post Bank Headquarters
Japan Post Bank has a record of opening hundreds of accounts every day at its different branches in Japan. Its services are not only enjoyed by the local people but also various international clients trust upon Japan Post Bank for its distinctive and strong banking system. It has a non-performing assets value of 0.12.
Website: jp-bank.japanpost.jp

6. JPMorgan Chase USA

The JPMorgan Chase headquarter
JPMorgan Chase has been choice of various Americans. They account holders trust its strong security systems and believe that at JPMorgan Chase their amounts will be kept safe. This bank has non-performing assets of 0.13 during 2014.
Website: jpmorganchase.com

5. Nova Scotia Bank Canada

Nova Scotia Bank Canada
Nova Scotia is yet another famous and top class bank of Canada. It has a lot of facilities to offer to its account holders, such as car loan, house loan, better percentage on saving accounts etc. Nova Scotia’s non-performing assets are 0.16.
Website: scotiabank.com

4. Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland
This Scotland based bank is known to let its account holders earn good amounts from their saved incomes, which means if you open a saving account here, then you can have bright chances to earn a good percentage monthly or annually depending upon your total amount. Royal Bank’s non-performing assets are 0.17.
Website: rbs.com

3. Deutsche Bank Germany

Deutsche Bank Germany
This bank daily opens thousands of accounts and has its branches spread in almost all the cities of Germany. It offers the clients with currency exchange, online banking and various other admirable facilities. It has an estimated non-performing assets value of 0.19.
Website: db.com

2. BOC Holdings Bank Hong Kong

BOC Holdings Bank Hong Kong
The people of Hong Kong love to keep their amounts saved in BOC Holdings Bank, which has about 0.20 non-performing assets value. BOC benefits its account holders with the facility of online banking and amount exchanging services, which mean you can even transact the amounts to other country’s bank account holders via the Internet.
Website: bochk.com

1. Credit Suisse Bank of Switzerland

Credit Suisse Bank of Switzerland
Switzerland banks are known for their fascinating and client friendly policies. This is why; their banking system is the most trustable and strongest system of the world. Credit Suisse Bank is a bank of pride, here both the local and international people have kept their amounts saved and protected with confidence. Its non-performing assets rate is 0.23.
Website: credit-suisse.com