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Top 10 Best Belly Dances in Bollywood So Far

Dance in Bollywood is truly unique and involves a lot of tricks. The belly dancing is not a new concept to this industry. The Bollywood actresses, in an urge to be prominent and versatile, take no chance to do every possible thing, role and even the dance form. Let us check the list of top 10 best belly dances in Bollywood so far.

10. Mallika Sherawat in Mayya

Mallika has always been a hot blonde of Bollywood. It is not the first time she performed hot in the industry. In ‘Mayya’, the belly dance of Mallika has been smashing. Just by wearing the right costume and flaunting the stomach, I must say she was looking superbly charming and attractive.

Best Belly Dances in Bollywood

9. Helen from Mehbooba O Mehbooba

Helen has always been one of the dancing queens of Bollywood. She used to perform really well in her time. Her frank performance and hot costumes in the dance songs always made Helen recognized. She proved herself a great belly dancer in Mehbooba O Mehbooba from Sholay where she gracefully has combined her belly dance with a number of cabaret movements.

Best Belly Dances in Bollywood

8. Rani Mukerji from Aiyya

Rani Mukerji has been one of the greatest actresses of Bollywood. She is widely known for her acting, but the surprise is that she is an awesome dancer as well. Her belly dance in Aiyya has been fantastic. Apparently Rani learnt belly dancing in just two months from choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant.

Best Belly Dances in Bollywood

7. Zeenat Aman from Raqqasa Mera Naam

Zeenat Aman has been one of the sexiest all time actresses of Bollywood. This hot and gorgeous beauty used to dance really well. Her great dance number ‘Raqqasa Mera Naam’ from The Great Gambler is still reminded for being superb.

Best Belly Dances in Bollywood

6. Katrina Kaif from Sheila Ki Jawani

Katrina Kaif is one of the finest Bollywood actresses. With her long height, pretty face, and hot figure, Katrina is the sweetheart of the industry. Her belly dance in Sheila Ki Jawani has been simply awesome. This proves that Katrina is not only a talented actress but also a remarkable dancer.

Best Belly Dances in Bollywood

5. Malaika Arora from Chaiyya Chaiyya

The Chaiyya Chaiyya girl, Malaika Arora has always proved herself to be a good dancer in the item numbers. She performed this song with Shah Rukh Khan and it is from the movie, Dil Se.

Best Belly Dances in Bollywood

4. Helen from O Meri Jaan Main Ne Kaha

Here is another very impressive belly dance of Helen. The song is O Meri Jaan Main Ne Kaha from The Train. Helen’s dance needs no introduction. Here she looks extremely stylish, gorgeous, and glamorous.

Helen from O Meri Jaan Main Ne Kaha

3. Kareena Kapoor from Marjaani

The striking beauty of Bollywood Kareena Kapoor (Bebo) cannot be missed in our list. She is an impressive and highly gorgeous lady. She attempted a beautiful belly dances in this song Marjaani from Billu Barber. The dance choreographer really did a nice job here.

Best Belly Dances in Bollywood

2. Kylie Minogue from Chiggy Wiggy

Kylie, although is not a Bollywood actress, but her Arabian belly dance has been highly remarkable. Blue (2009) failed to impress the audience, but the song, Chiggy Wiggy, in which Kylie captivated out attention due to her gorgeous personality and charming belly dance, has been admired. This is a great wedding song to rock your event.

Best Belly Dances in Bollywood

1. Katrina Kaif from Chikni Chameli

Katrina Kaif’s another great belly dance after Shiela Ki Jawani has been in Chikni Chameli. She truly looks atractive and gorgeous in this item number. Her body seems to be attractive, and her movements have been fantastic throughout the song.

Best Belly Dances in Bollywood

Who you think has performed well?