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Top 10 Best Brainstorming Tech Tools for Creative Minds

Using a tech tool means you are ready to enter the world of technology and creations. Some of the tech tools are used for business purposes, while others provide great educational stuff to the students, thus making the works easier and convenient. If you are about to initiate something creative and are short of ideas, then here are the top 10 best brainstorming tech tools for creative minds.

10. Wisemapping

Brainstorming Tech Tools

Wisemapping lets you share your creative ideas with the friends and business partners via social media network. You can also upload your files, documents or export them via emails with this creative tool.

9. Scapple

Brainstorming Tech Tools

Scapple has been created for OS X users. This is a fantastic application for writers and authors. Being one of them, you can share your ideas and get inspiration from seniors so that your thinking skills are boosted.

8. FreeMind

Brainstorming Tech Tools

FreeMind is an open source brainstorming application. It is available for Windows and Linux users. You can avial many of its features like location-based brainstorming, use of collaborative tools, and restoring the support session. The interface of the app is really friendly, and you absolutely won’t have any problem using it.

7. Freeplane

Brainstorming Tech Tools

Freeplane is another brainstorming app for the users. With this app, you can remove, save and edit important files both online and offline. You can also install Java for enhancing the performance of this free to have application.

6. CoMapping

Brainstorming Tech Tools

CoMapping lets you do different office tasks online and offline. You just need to use short keywords and phrases to change the alignment of your documents and their overall outlook.

5. MindMap

Brainstorming Tech Tools

MindMap is a great extension of Google Chrome. This is a useful app for cloud, google drive, and dropbox lovers. You can use it as a replacement of those storage tools, and can share and save files with friends all over the world.

4. SpiderScribe

Brainstorming Tech Tools

SpiderScribe connects you with the events, files and important notes of the friends who had shared from distances using the internet. With this app, you can also get some title ideas relevant to your keyword and short sentences.

3. MindMeister

Brainstorming Tech Tools

MindMeister has an excellent user-friendly interface. This application is excellent. This tool has an interface that is easy to use, and you can collaborate with others in real time. You will be able to use mobile devices to bring up your projects. MindMeister is cloud-based. The one disadvantage is that there is a fee to use this tool.

2. LucidChart

Brainstorming Tech Tools

LucidChart has been a great tool with a wide array of features, greatly helpful to organize your ideas and lets you have inspiration from the collaborative’ ideas shared on Facebook and LinkedIn.

1. Coggle – Best Tech Tool

Brainstorming Tech Tools

Coggle is a best tech tool that allows you to write notes, and save them to be shared afterwards with the friends. You can also bookmark your tools if your computer is a public-system.

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