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Top 10 Best Cars for Sale Under USD3000 in 2014

If you want to buy an affordable and cheaper car, then this year a lot of companies and vehicle manufacturers have presented price friendly cars for the users. Those who don’t want to invest a lot into their personal cars can give a try to the cars under USD3000. These cheaper yet well equipped cars will make your riding experience wonderful. Here are the top 10 best cars for sale under USD3000 in 2014.

10. Mazda Miata:

Best Cars for Sale under USD3000
Mazda is known for its branded and beautiful cars. This Mazda Miata was launched in 1989 and still considered a successful car. It comes under USD3000 and is equipped with 1.5 liter four cylinder and comfortable seating arrangements.

9. Chevrolet S10:

Best Cars for Sale under USD3000

Chevrolet S10 is another wonderful car one can have at or under USD3000. This is a complete family car with reasonable speed and reliable engine capacity.

8. BMW E30 3 Series:

Best Cars for Sale under USD3000

BMW E30 E Series is a descent car launched in 1984. This is actually a series of three cars with different colors and styles. These cars come in standby engine, AWD versions and various other features. You can have any of these three cars at USD3000 maximum.

7. Ford Crown Victoria P71:

Best Cars for Sale under USD3000

Ford Crown Victoria P71 is an electrical car with upgraded and a lot of suspension facilities. This car’s color is quite beautiful and you will highly appreciate its ride and need not to pay anything more than USD3000.

6. Toyota MR2:

Best Cars for Sale under USD3000

Toyota MR2 was launched in 1985 and comes with features like pocket-size 112-hp DOHC engine, speedy manual gearbox and comfortable seats for your family. This car is quite price-friendly.

5. Honda Civic:

Best Cars for Sale under USD3000

Honda Civic is another wonderful and beautiful car to have at or under USD3000. This fuel friendly car has been presented with modern style seating arrangement and standardized features.

4. Volkswagen Rabbit GTI:

Best Cars for Sale under USD3000

The Volkswagen is a spacious family car and was launched in 1985. It comes with plenty of features like 16-valve version, transformational GTI and highly featured engine.

3. Toyota Camry:

Best Cars for Sale under USD3000

Toyota Camry is a complete family car to have under USD3000. This car is modeled 2002 and is an ideal car for tempting teenagers. It has been presented with V-6 models and a lot of other features you will definitely amaze with.

2. Jeep Wrangler:

Best Cars for Sale under USD3000

Jeep Wrangler is a spacious jeep for family. This is affordable and well featured card one should not miss to buy if the budget is not more than USD3000.

1. Pontiac Fiero:

Best Cars for Sale under USD3000

Unquestionably Pontiac Fiero is a perfect and most suitable car you can have at under USD3000. This comes in pretty amazing features and the brand is also reliable. The color is quite amazing and it is powered with 2.5 liter inline four cylinder engine. This car was launched in 1988 but don’t go with the year it was presented in because your budget and investment plan is quite low. This was the last sport car GM built and you can have it from someone who is selling second hand or used cars at cheaper rates. Its disc-breaks and comfortable seats make this car an ideal choice of those who are looking for best cars for sale under USD3000.

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  1. where can I find that bmw, fiero and jeep …ill buy all 3

  2. looking for low mileage $2000.00 or under

  3. Haha..an e30 for $3000 maximum? Uh NO.

    and these are some of the e30 models…more than 3 to chose from…325e 325i 325is 325ic 325ix 318i 318is…M3….

    Where are you getting your information? You can barely get a used beater e30 for under $2000.

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