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Top 10 Best Celebrities with Simple Lives

When it comes to know the insights of the personal and professional lives of celebrities, we never want to miss even a single point. Both Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities are known for their charms and shine like bright stars in the skies. There are certainly some celebrities who live simple lives, behind the camera. Besides the fact that they spend thousands of dollars to fulfill their possessions and desires, the celebrities also need peace of mind and relaxation.

Here is the list of top 10 best celebrities with simple lives in 2014.

10. Dev Patel

Dev Patel is a well known British actor with Indian origin. He got fame for his stint in Slumdog Millionaire. According to sources, Dev lives simple life, and he does not like vulgarity at all. He loves spending time with his mother, and is quite a normal dude who goes for long-drives with the sister every now and then. He has credited his parents for giving him training to become a simple yet effective man.

Best Celebrities with Simple Lives

9. Jay Leno

Jay Leno is a hard-working person, known for his The Tonight Show. He earned enough from this show. During 2004, Jay claimed to have earned around USD5 million from his projects. This guy is living a simple life in terms that he does not like loud environment and nightlife. Moreover, he is known to have learnt the skills of being persistent from his elders, and shows polite attitude.

Best Celebrities with Simple Lives

8. Dave Grohl

Dave is a famous drummer of the brand Nirvana. His approximate net worth is USD210 million, but he lives simple life. Despite the fact that he is the richest drummer in the world, his lifestyle is very peaceful. He spends most of his spare time at his house in LA with a built-in studio. According to Dave, he isn’t every ready for living a life of extravagant, because is basically a peace-loving individual.

Best Celebrities with Simple Lives

7. Stewart Copeland

Stewart Copeland is another great drummer and musician. For many years, he has been a part of the music band, Police. His approximate net worth is USD60 million, and he in minimalism. Stewart has pursued wealth vigorously, but with the passage of time, he turned his life’s negativity into good deeds. He says that he is living an ideal life with a single house and a Jeep Cherokee. He gives preference to Swiss watches, and finds moments to enjoy different healthy activities every day.

Best Celebrities with Simple Lives

6. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah, the lovely beauty diva of Hollywood, has grown up in a family living on welfare. She is a successful actress, model, and film-producer who has bagged millions of dollars from her career. She owns around USD97 million, and spends most of her money on raising the children. She is also a member of various NGOs, serving the poor and illiterate individuals. Sarah never hesitates to dress her children in hand-me-downs besides the fact that she is a fashion-loving lady.

Best Celebrities with Simple Lives

5. Emma Watson

Emma Watson is a glamorous lady, who has grown up as an opinionated, and confident female. She received much appreciations at the age of 11 as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter saga. Despite all of her successes, she never lost her dignity. She spends most of her money on the welfare of school-going children. She is also the regular funding person of Brown University, and Oxford University.

Best Celebrities with Simple Lives

4. Jennifer Lawrence

The Oscar winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence has a big history of successes. She says that she loves spending most of her time with parents in their condo. She has a simple yet impressive lifestyle, and has no personal assistant to deal with her works. She says that she loves shopping and does not hire a third party in this regard, not even in working at home.

Best Celebrities with Simple Lives

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo is commonly perceived as a flamboyant man. He has had been famous among the ladies for his frank nature. His net worth is around USD160 million. Leonardo is a self-proclaimed spendthrift, and does most of his works himself. He says that he loves spending money for the good causes like helping poor children, and benefiting the environment-friendly research projects.

Best Celebrities with Simple Lives

2. Zooey Deschanel

The doe-eyed actress and singer-songwriter, Zooey has an approximate net worth of USD34 million. She likes buying branded and designer dresses. Apart from this, she spent a big amount every year for noble causes like handing over to charities and welfare associations worldwide. As per the celebrity standards, she isn’t too much sophisticated.

Best Celebrities with Simple Lives

1. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is a handsome and extremely talented actor of the era. He is known for his unique lifestyle and talent in the movies. But behind-the-screen, he is simple. His parents are living in LA, but Robert has not owned any houses. He also does not use trendy gadgets and gizmos to stay connected with the internet.

Best Celebrities with Simple Lives

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