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Top 10 Best Cell Phone Services in 2015

Cell phones have become a necessity nowadays. There are a lot of companies, providing wonderful services to global customers. The ones offering affordable packages and great network coverage can survive years after years. Check the list of top 10 best cell phone services in 2015.

Best Cell Phone Services

10. Sprint

Sprint has been around for more than seven years. This cell phone services make the interaction with your customers and friend across the globe easier and faster. There are rare chances that your call would drop. The company makes sure to resolve customer complaints as quickly as possible.

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9. Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is a reliable cell phone service in terms of price and coverage. With no wires and no service fleet, this company makes sure that its customers are fully satisfied. It is a highly reliable service across America, and Europe.

Virgin Mobile

8. US Cellular

US Cellular is one of the best cell phone services. It is a company of America. It works effectively on all mobile devices like LG, Samsung, iPhone, and others. Don’t forget to give it a try if you are an American.

US Cellular

7. MetroPCS

With its reasonable prices, and great service, MetroPCS cannot be forgotten to mention in our list. I am one of the regular users of this company, and trust me, this service gives its best. Performance and price-wise, it is just great. Metro has been a dominating service for many years.

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6. Vodafone

Vodafone is a reputable cell phone service of Europe and parts of Asia. This service is much trusted across India, and China. It is a family-friendly service, known for its great network coverage and affordable service packages.


5. Cricket

Don’t get confused with its name, Cricket is a popular cell phone service of India. This has made its repute and offers great prices to choose from. I must say, Cricket is one of the best cell phone services to date.


4. Airtel

Airtel is another reliable and inexpensive cell phone service provider. It is known for its high quality, great performance, and affordable prices. My Broadband plan is from Airtel and it works really very well. Have you ever tried this service?

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3. Verizon

Verizon is an internationally recognized cell phone service provider. This company not only offers network coverage, but also has vast range of mobile phones for its global customers. Verizon is always a choice of businessmen and small-network owners.


2. AT&T

AT&T has been around for many years. It is known for its cheap prices and great services. AT&T takes very good care of the customer satisfaction and this is might be the reason that the company saw lesser fluctuations in its sales the world over.


1. T-Mobile

T-Mobile is all about super-cheap and incredible services. This company is famous across America, Europe and Asia. T-Mobile has made it easier for you to enjoy unlimited talk, text, and web (well, for the first 500mb) at reasonable prices. Do you use this service? Isn’t it fantastic?

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Do you use any of these services?